Othello Questions

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Act 1 Scene 1 Questions
1. From Roderigo’s first speech it appears that he paid Iago for something? Can you tell what it is? So that he will help win over Desdemona’s heart
2. Iago say he hates Othello for what reason?
Iago hates Othello because he didn’t get the promotion and Michael Cassio did and Iago thinks he is the one who deserves it 3. What does Iago say of Cassio?
Iago says that Cassio is undeserving as he has no experience and only has book knowledge 4. What two kinds of followers are there, according to Iago? The loyal who will follow their leader to death and the ones who will act like that but are really plotting against him 5. Shortly after this, Iago speaks about appearance and reality. He concludes “I am not what I am”. State what preceded that line and explain it. Iago says that he

6. How do Iago and Roderigo stir up trouble?
They wake Brabantio and tell him that Othello is stealing his daughter 7. What is Brabantio’s reaction?
He is really mad
8. What does Brabantio say that this situation reminds him of? His dream
9. Why does Iago make sure he leaves before Brabantio comes out of the house? So that he still looks loyal to Othello
10. Earlier Brabantio has told Roderigo that there is no way that Roderigo is suitable Desdemona. What does he say to Roderigo after he found out about her and Othello?

Act 1 Scene 2 Questions
1. Why does Iago say he wished to kill Roderigo? What reason does he gave for not killing him? Iago wants to kill Roderigo because of all the terrible names he had called Othello and that his conscious held him back 2. What is Othello’s response?

Othello says that it was good he didn’t kill him and it is better this way. “‘Tis better as it is” 3. Why is Othello not worried about Brabantio’s wrath?
He believes that everything he has done for Cyprus will help calm down Brabantio “My services… shall out-tongue his complaints” 4. Iago tells Othello that Brabantio and his friends are coming and it is best if Othello goes into the house. What is Othello’s response? “Not I; I must be found. My parts, my title, and my perfect soul shall manifest me rightly”. Othello is saying that he has everything going for him that Branbantio can’t do anything to stop him 5. The Lights turn out to be carried by Cassio. What message does he bring? Cassio tells Othello that the Duke is in need of him and requests his presence immediately as there is a war coming. “The duke does greet you, general, and he requires your haste-post-haste appearance even on the instant” 6. As Othello is about to leave for the Senate, Brabantio and his supporters show up and draw swords. How would you describe Othello when he responds? Othello is very calm as he responds to Brabantio. “Were it my cue to fight, I should have known it without a prompter” 7. Of what does Brabantio accuse Othello?

Brabantio accuses Othello of witchcraft and magic to get Desdemona. 8. Brabantio wishes to arrest Othello and hold him in jail until he can be brought to court? What forces him to change his plans? Brabantio changes his mind because Othello needs to go see the Duke. 9. What is Brabantio’s new plan?

To go to the Duke and tell him all that Othello has done and bewitched his daughter.

Act 2 Scene 1

1. What imagery (e.g. racial, cultural, and animal) is being used in line 10? Racial
2. What imagery is being used throughout the soliloquy? Give two examples (quotes). Racial
3. What does Iago suspect Othello of? (lines 10 -11)
Sleeping with his wife Emilia ‘For that I do suspect the lusty Moor/ hath leap'd into my seat’ 4. What is the main message of this soliloquy and how is this presented through imagery? Iago plots for revenge and uses racial imagery to

5. Why does Shakespeare use soliloquies?
Gives the audience an insight into the characters thoughts

Act 2 Scene 3
1. What reasons does Iago give for encouraging Cassio to drink? Some...
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