Osborne Daniel QHT1 task 1

Topics: Time, Contract, Sale of Goods Act 1979 Pages: 2 (645 words) Published: March 16, 2015
interoffice memorandum
[[Use of the name “I2CG, Inc (Incorporated International Consultants Group, Inc…(among other things, a theoretical independent intelligence firm focusing in industrial- and corporate-psychological principals).” in this document is intended for academic and purposes only]]

John bolke (Supervisor)
Daniel Osborne (Student, Creator)
Customer dissatisfaction cost analysis and review

qht1 task 1 grader

In considering the quality of products and concepts generated through the consulting services of I2CG, Inc (hereafter referred to as the ‘Company’). it has come to the understanding that a review is necessary for the purpose of determining the costs of to customer dissatisfaction (please note customer satisfaction surveys in a subsequent report). I2CG produces ideas. We make products and services operationally and psychology more advanced. We optimize, that it was we do. When our cliental are not satisfied fully with the terms of their contracts and their costs for the time in the long term relationships being built, the costs to the company are avoidable; on that point, enough said. The potential costs of a single (wholly and potentially contractually) dissatisfied client on be immense and varies substantially. One client = one company, requesting information or expanding consulting on one product for the term of one year or the time from initial signing of the contract for services and the fulfillment of that contract by all parties, whichever is sooner). At a rate of $120 logged man-hour (including generating documents, designing, POP (point-of-purchase) materials and implementation strategies, etc…for the term of one year could potentially cost the Company approximately $240,000 or more. The cost of nearly a quarter million constitutes the cost of one dissatisfied customer that chooses no longer to do business with the company and also one that elected to only hire one staff...
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