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MS-DOS (Microsoft Disk Operating System) is a single-user, single-tasking computer operating system that uses a command lineinterface. In spite of its very small size and relative simplicity, it is one of the most successful operating systems that has been developed to date. Short for Disk Operating System. DOS was developed by Microsoft for IBM, and MS-DOS was for IBM compatible personal computers. Disk Operating System - one of the first operating systems for the personal computer. When you turned the computer on all you saw was the command prompt which looked like c:\ >. You had to type all commands at the command prompt which might look like c:\>wp\wp.exe. This is called acommand-line interface. It was not very "user friendly"

DOS is still a 16-bit operating system and does not support multiple users or multitasking. Today, most computer users are only familiar with how to navigate Microsoft Windows using the mouse. Unlike Windows, MS-DOS is a command-line and is navigated by using MS-DOS commands. For example, if you wanted to see all the files in a folder in Windows you would double-click the folder to open the folder in Windows Explorer. In MS-DOS to view that same folder you would navigate to the folder using the cd command and then list the files in that folder using thedir command. Maybe for you there are computer users who do not know what it is MS-DOS because in the present, MS-DOS has been rarely used because most use a more simple system like Windows.

Read more at BeZhare: MS-DOS the History Begins :: From BeZhare: Knowledge Which Must be Known http://bezhare.blogspot.com/2011/04/bezhare-ms-dos-history-begins.html#ixzz4OhJNEivd  http://bezhare.blogspot.com/ 

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Ease| Because of the memorization and familiarity needed to operate a command line interface new users find it much more difficult to successfully navigate and operate a command line interface.| Although new users may have a difficult at time learning to use the mouse to operate and use a GUI most users pick up this interface much easier when compared to a command line interface.| Control| Users have much more control of their file system and operating system in a command line interface. For example, users can easily copy a specific file from one location to another with a one-line command.| Although a GUI offers plenty of control of a file system and operating system often advance users or users who need to do specific task may need to resort to a command line to complete that task.| Multitasking| Although many command line environments are capable of multitasking they do not offer the same ease and ability to view multiple things at once on one screen.| GUI users have windows that enable a user to easily view, control, and manipulate multiple things at once and is commonly much faster to do when compared to a command line.| Speed| Because command line users only need to use their keyboards to navigate a command line interface and often only need to execute a few lines to perform a task an advanced command line interface user would be able to get something done faster then an advance GUI user.| A GUI may be easier to use because of the mouse. However, using a mouse and keyboard to navigate and control your operating system for many things is going to be much slower than someone who is working in a command line..|

copy myfile1.txt+myfile2.txt
Copy the contents in myfile2.txt and combines it with the contents in myfile1.txt. rename c:\chope hope 
Rename the directory chope to hope.
Lists all files and directories in the directory that you are currently in. MS-DOS has a relatively small number of commands, and an even smaller number of commonly used ones. Moreover, these commands are generally inflexible because, in contrast to Linux and other Unix-like operating systems, they are designed to accommodate few options or arguments (i.e., values...
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