Origin and Evolution of Newspapers

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Origin and introduction to the market
The history of newspapers is argueably one of the most dramatic episoodes of human experience. The actual origin of newspapers lies in the renaissance Europe when local merchants used to distribute hand written newsletters amongst each other, however it was not until the 14th century when Germany introduced the precursors of printed newspapers. Since then newspapers have evolved dramatically and today there are more than 6580 daily newspapers in the world. A typical modern day newspaper is filled with various materils like editors colums, classified ads, display ads, forecasts, comic strips, and much more. Unfortunately the economic downturn has also seen the rise of electronic or web based versions of newspaper journals which automatically rwsulted in a decline in newspaper classified advertising and circulation. THE INDIAN HISTORY

The history of newspapers in India is really interesting. The introduction of newspapers in India was hastened by the spreading sense of globalization amongst the countrymen who wished to be informed about recent events in the world. It was during the same time that the first newspaper in India was introduced in Kolkata. The newspaper titled Hickey’s Benagal Gazette was introduced by an eccntric Irishman called james Augustus Hickey during the 1780’s. in the years to come India was the establishment of another newspaper daily in the form of Bombay Herald followed closely by Bombay courier. EVOLUTION

Although there was a flurry of english newspapers in the 18th century, newspapers in religious languages made its way much later during the second half of the 19th century. First on the list were two bengali newspaers called Samachar darpan and Bengal gazette while the first hindi newspaper was Samachar Sudha Varshan. The Hindu newspaper which was launched as a competitor of madras Mail became the first national newspaper of the country. Soon it beacme the voice of the nation during the establishment period. Since then many newspapers have been introduced out of which newspapers of dailies like TOI, The Telegraph, The Hindu, The economic Times, The Statesman, etc have become the highest circulated newspapers of the country.

The Bengal Gazette
Founded by James Hickey, a highly eccentric irishman who had previously spent two years in goal for debt, Hickey’s bengal Gazette was the first english language newspaper and indeed the first printed newspaper to be published in the Indian subcontinent. It was a weekly newspaper and was founded in 1779 in Kolkata, the then british capital of India. Hickey had been in india for 7 years. During this period he met with a tratise upon printing from which he collected sufficient information to commence as a printer. There never having been a press in Kolkata, it occurred to Hickey that great benefit might arise from setting on foot a public newspaper, nothing of that kind ever being appeared at that time. After the start, people became found of this circulation and every person who read it as a novelty was delighted. Unfortunately for Hickey he himself benefitted little from the paper. According to him, he allowed it to become the channel of personal invective and the most scrurrilous abuse of individuals of all ranks, high and low, rich and poor. The paper itself survived until the 1830s , when its circultion was exceeded by the Englishman.

Origin of Newspapers:
The History of newspapers is arguably one of the most dramatic episodes of human experience. The actual origin of newspapers lies in the Renaissance Europe when local merchants used to distribute handwritten newsletters amongst each other. However it was not until the late 1400’s when Germany introduced the precursors of printed newspapers. Since then newspapers have evolved dramatically and today there are more than 6580 daily newspapers in the World.  A typical modern day newspaper is filled with various materials like editor’s columns, newspaper...
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