Orginizational Stucture Review on Oceans Elevem

Topics: Big Five personality traits, Leadership, Personality psychology Pages: 4 (1494 words) Published: October 2, 2011
Ocean’s Eleven
OLS 252, fall semester 2010
Demetrius Lopez

After watching the movie Ocean’s Eleven, what are your thoughts about it? You probably thought it starred an awesome cast, had unexpected twists, and had an original storyline. But, did anyone think in terms of an organization? I did not think so. However, many different behaviors in an organizational structure can be seen in the movie. This movie assessment paper will help you see the correlation by discussing teamwork dynamics, personalities traits, and leadership qualities.

We will first discuss the group dynamics of Daniel Oceans’ team by approaching how and why they became a group. After serving his sentence, Daniel Ocean pursued a plan that would make him very rich. However, he knew he could not do it alone so he searched for ten other people. When he found the ten people that satisfied his requirements’, he gave them all one chance to back out, but no one considered. At that moment they became a group by identifying themselves as Ocean’s eleven. Greenburg and Barron (2008) inform that people join groups for many reasons including to achieve security, to fill social needs, or to fill needs for self-esteem. In Ocean’s Eleven Daniel Ocean and his group of ten people wanted to score a heist involving 3 major casinos. Ocean’s eleven was created to satisfy their mutual interests, $150,000. Once Ocean’s eleven was formed they developed in a way similar to most groups. The group development replicates Tuckmen and Jensen’s five stage-model (as sited in Greenburg & Barron, 2008, P. 295). The first stage is forming. In this stage members become acquainted with one another and form ground rules. Often, members are usually confused. For example, many of the characters were not sure weather or not they should participate in the heist because they had no clue if it was possible. Sometimes, Members are also unsure about how to communicate within the group. In the movie, Linus Caldwell was...

Bibliography: Barron, B. A., & Greenburg, J. (2008). Behavior In Organizations. New Jersey: Pearson.
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