organizational change management

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Critical comparative analysis of Watsons Engine Components and H&M Consulting Contents List
External environment in organisations
Type of organisations
Structure of the organisations
Groups& teams
Leadership& management
Organisation culture
Human resources process& policies
Efficient of operation and management

This report was written for Eleanor Puttock to be submitted by 18th of July 2011. Report provides a critical comparative analysis of Family run business Watsons Engine Components and large multinational company H&M Consulting. External Situation

External environment consists of actions other competitors who are outside company business. Competitor’s actions outside business influence company performance and affect company to make because competitors always look for possibility to provide superior quality and cheaper prices. (The Times100, n.d.)

External situation in Watsons Engine Component is quite hard. For a long time Watsons was able to deal with competitors. Currently Watson’s customers are looking for cheaper alternative and higher quality services in Eastern Europe countries. On the other hand H&M Consulting is a large company with potential to growth. Company is high positioning on market and dealing with competitors very well. Company develops all the time and opens new branches around the world. H&M consulting has customers in both private and public. It is clear that Watsons Engine need an improvement to establish company position on the market and perform as well as H&M does. Type of Organisation

Watsons Engine is family-owned company and is producing parts for car engines. Company hires 200 workers where 40 of them are managers, 125 semi-skilled production workers, 15 clerical workers, 20 technical workers. In my opinion there are too many managers for that amount of workers. There are not enough technical workers and production workers need additional trainings to develop their skills. H&M consulting is a large global company specializing in management, engineering and development consultancy across 120 countries. It employs 13000 people who are experts and works on many projects around the world. Chef executive of H&M Consulting is Theo Wolf expert in motivation and development of company as well as employees. I do not posses information about amount of managers in H&M consulting, so I can not compare it with Watsons Engine Components.

Structure of the organisation
Organisation Structure is created to divide up organizational activities and allocates them, co-ordinates them and control employees, but also motivates them to achieve organisational goals. According to Robert Duncan theory about organisation structure “is more than charts or boxes, it is a pattern of interactions and co-ordination that links technology, tasks and human components of organisation to ensure the organisation accomplishes its purpose”. This theory assisted the movement of information inside company in order to decrease doubt in decision-making. (Buchanan D.A., Huczynski A.A., 2010) Watsons Engine has got a flat organisation structure. In this type of structure there is one level of hierarchy separates the managing director at the top from the employees at the bottom. Watsons Engine managing director is Gordon Watson who will retire in near future. Lower in the structure there is his friend John Smith operations manager who take care of everything what Gordon has not done. Smith is managing production manager Ahmed Khan who has got many ideas how to improve company performance, but this is ignored. H&M consulting has got Functional Organisation structure. It means that employees with similar skills work together on a particular project and when finished move into another one to work with different people. Theo is CEO of H&M and then there are managers who...

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