Organizational Behaviour in Bmw

Topics: Reinforcement, B. F. Skinner, Operant conditioning Pages: 9 (2258 words) Published: June 18, 2013
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Executive summary1

Positive reinforcement :5
Negative Reinforcement :5
Punishment :6
Schedules of reinforcement:6
Continuous schedule:7
Interval schedules:7
Ratio schedules:7
Fixed reinforcers:7
Variable reinforcers:8
Positive Reinforcement :9
Punishment :9

Executive summary
Change is an imminent process. It is continuous and it is regenerated. It is unavoidable. Hence change is a variant that needs to be constantly monitored and coped up with. Organization’s today needs to be changed with change.Today most of the organization facing lots of problem from employees on their work .Now a days attrition rates is also increased due to the lack of growth in the company and performance appraisal to the employees. In order to extract the work from the employee, the manager have to motivate the employee and reshaped the employee best fit to the company .The Manager have to overcome certain restrictive forces in the company. In order to achieve the goal, Reinforcement theory will help the Manager to solve these issues which are facing in the company.


The managers of companies have to satisfy the employee needs and demand in the organizational the same time employees have to treat them equally and this help to motivate them to work hard for the organization. When the Manager plans to change the behavior of worker, first he has to shaping the behavior. One of the important ways of shaping employee's behavior is by incorporating Reinforcement theory
 (GORDON, 2002).

Organization need some change to face their forthcoming issues. So that changes sometime will make satisfy for some people and unlikable experience for some people. In order to overcome this manager’s use reinforcement theory to reshape the workers behavior to overcome the restrictive forces of difference becomes important. Likewise BMW Automobiles using the same reinforcement strategy to develop their employees through positive reinforcement and punishment .So everyone working in the BMW are well known aware about their policy

The Objective in this assignment is to reinforce change on an organization for their employees using reinforcement theory. The study focuses on illustrating the theories of organizational change and the ways to reshape employee behavior. Later after all the theories are explained example of an organization with employee issues in BMW.

In this assignment, First I have analyzed the Reinforcement theory and various features, after that various technique and strategies following in the BMW Automobile are elaborately described .In final part, discussed how they solved the employee issue through the positive and punishment reinforcement strategy. To achieve the goal, different organizational behavior and organizational development theories are analyzed and discussed to give the recommendation.


Reinforcement theory was first proposed by BF Skinner and he states that Individual Character is the function of its consequences .Basically Reinforcement theory is based on “Law of effect”, therefore Positive consequences of individual behavior should lead to repeated and at the same time negative consequences of individual behavior should not repeated. The Reinforcement theory observes only individual internal state; therefore internal feelings are ignored by the Skinner. This theory generally focuses on individual character when he takes certain work. So According the Skinner, the external environment organization must motivate the employee through positive approach .This should be a one of the important tool for identify the individual behavior. Reinforcement theory...
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