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Patrick Dorval
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Case 5. MediSys Corp.: The IntensCare
TOC \o "1-3" \h \z \u The introduction (Patrick Dorval) PAGEREF _Toc371460703 \h 2Situation analysis PAGEREF _Toc371460704 \h 3Organization PAGEREF _Toc371460705 \h 3Policies of the organization PAGEREF _Toc371460706 \h 3Key players PAGEREF _Toc371460707 \h 4Problem identifications PAGEREF _Toc371460708 \h 5THEORETICAL SURVEY PAGEREF _Toc371460709 \h 6EVALUATION OF ALTERNATIVES PAGEREF _Toc371460710 \h 6SUGGESTED SOLUTION PAGEREF _Toc371460711 \h 6CONCLUSIONS PAGEREF _Toc371460712 \h 6REFERENCES PAGEREF _Toc371460713 \h 6 The introduction (Patrick Dorval)The current context of globalization where competition is made easier by information new technologies, a better and better managed cultural diversity, and the increasing number of free-trade unions between countries. The concurrency suffered is different for each company, depending on its specializations and its operating markets. Some of them have a very big product differentiation and are not really concerned about it. However, in other cases, the competition is really strong and the company needs to use a pattern to get through that. Sometimes, they will set short deadlines to outstrip the competition. When it is the case, it may result as a lot of issues, as we can notice in Medisys Corporation situation. Actually, the company was facing two competitors who were going to launch the same kind of product. To get through it, the president decided to respect the deadline no matter what happens. The engineers had to put so much effort in the project to respect the deadline, that they could not develop a modulatory system, which would be way more attractive for customers. For the purpose of our work we will focus on these questions: -What is the main cause of this issue?

-Is the option adopted by the president the right one?
-Which factor is the most important to get the market, respecting the deadlines or offering a product which would target the real customer’s needs? We will discuss and try to answer these questions in our work. SITUATION ANALYSIS

OrganizationThe case focuses on IntensCare Product Development Team, which is an inter-department working team of MediSys Corporation. MediSys is a company founded in 2002 that sells medical monitoring systems to clients from this sector, mostly hospitals. MediSys knew a big success at its beginning and was early very profitable. Meanwhile, as other competitors are developing, the company’s directors are feeling a slight slow in its growth. IntensCare is a new remote monitoring system in which the company made a $20.5 million investment. It is the biggest project in the company’s history and that’s why Valerie Metez, marketing manager for IntensCare, feels a big pressure with that. Policies of the organizationFor IntensCare product development, MediSys has introduced a new parallel system, completely different from the sequential approach used historically by the company. Beaumont decided to make the different departments work together from the conceptual stage of the product to its final production. The critical functions involved in IntensCare Product Development Team are R&D, Marketing & Sales, Product engineering, Software Design, Regulatory, and Production. Each of these departments has a “core” team that is part of IntensCare Team is directed by a project leader who is not only a manager of his group, but also a liaison to senior management. Key playersOriginally, Beaumont was the director of the IntensCare team, but later, Jack Fogel came in charge and became the project leader. His main role is to synchronize everything to make sure the production process is well coordinated and finishes in the deadline. Valerie Metz is the marketing manager of the project. She has the impression to have...

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