Organizational Behavior Case Study

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Question 2:

Several symptoms indicating the problems exist in Lacrosse Inc have been stated in the previous analysis. We have identified three sources of the problem which are: - Changing in leadership style

- Differentiation
- Commnication
In this part we will try to analyze the underlying cause of the problems using two leadership theories, namely path-goal leadership theory and competencies perspectives of leadership.

Moreover, we will try to relate this case with other Organizational Behavior theory. We have identified that this problems create a kind of conflict in the organization. So, we decide to approach this case with theory of conflict. Here, we will only use two sources of conflict, namely differentiation and communication.

A. Path-Goal Leadership Theory

This theory is one of the theories which belong to Contingency perspective of leadership. Contingency perspective of leadership is based on the idea that the most appropriate leadership style depends on the situation. Most contingency leadership theories assume that an effective leader must be both insightful and flexible. They must be able to adapt their behavior and styles to the immediate situation.

Path-goal leadership theory incorporated expectancy theory of motivation into the study how leader behaviors influence employee perceptions of expectancies (paths) between employee effort and performance (goals).

This model specifically highlightes four leadership styles and several contingency factors leading to three indicators of leader effectiveness.

In this following are the four leadership styles:

• Directive
These are clarifying behaviors that provide a psychological structure for subordinates. The leader clarifies performance goals, the mean to reach those goals, and the standard against which the performance will be judged. This style also includes judicious use of rewards and disclipinary actions.

• Supportive
This behavior provides psychological support for subordinates. The leader is friendly and approachable; makes the work more pleasant; treats employees with equal respect; and shows the concern for the status, needs, and well being of employees.

• Participative
These behavior encourage and facilitate subordinate involvement in decisions beyond their normal work activities. The leader consult with employees, ask for their suggestions and take this idea into serious consideration before making decision.

• Achievement-oriented
These behavior encourage employees to reach their peak performance. The leaders set challenging goals, expect employees to perform at their highest level, continuously seeks improvement in employee performance, and shows a high degree of confidence that employee will assume responsibility and accomplish challenging goals.

Based on the theory written above we will try to identify the problem exists in Lacrosse Inc and how leadership style give contribution to the problems. As defined earlier, LaCrosse Inc sold a majority share to Build-All Products Inc. As part of agreement, Jan Vlodoski is brought in as vice president to oversee production operations while Lacrosse spent more time meeting with developers. This is the point where the problems start growing. It is common that in the period where changes are taking place, problems will come out.

Here we will analyze what leadership styles that are possesed by these two persons, Lacrosse and Vlodoski, and how it affects the employee.

Lacrosse Leadership Style

Basically, Lacrosse implemented all types of the leadership identified previously. He has a good ability to adjust with the situation and pick up which style is appropriate with the situation. In one situation he can be directive and supportive, while at other time he can be participative, as well as achievement-oriented.

We will try to analyze the leadership style that is implemented by Lacrosse by looking at some particular event/situation in the...
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