Organisational Structures

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Organisation Structures – Introduction

Organisation Structures – Span of Control

Functional Areas
The finance department is a department within an organisation who deals with the financial side of the business and will therefore have many roles and activities which they would complete on a daily basis in order to ensure that this department is performing to a high standard which will contribute towards the overall success and standard of the business being increased. The main duties of the finance department are: •Handle financial affairs of the organisation.

Budget preparation.
Monitor and analyse spending.
Manage and analyse income.
Budget allocation.
Manage payroll.
Finance book keeping.
Bills processing.
Claims processing.

The marketing department is a department within an organisation who deals with the marketing side of the organisation which would include the marketing of products in order to promote them through advertising in order to maximise sales of products which will therefore lead to the overall success of the organisation being increased. The main duties of the marketing department are: •Collect market research.

Carry out marketing strategies and plans.
Carry out marketing activities (market products).
Study the market.
Decide best ways in which to reach targeted customers.
Advertise and promote products.
Monitor competition.
Create new marketing ideas.
Understand customer wants and needs.

The sales department is a department within an organisation who deals with the sales side of the organisation which would include the selling of products to the customers of the business and the sales department would aim to maximise the sales within the business in order to maximise profit and the overall success of the business. The main duties of the sales department are: •Record the number of sales in which the business achieves. •The prices in which the products are sold at.

Who the organisation sells its products to.
Fulfil customer needs in terms of sale prices.
Sell products to customers.
Provide sales advice.
Assist customers is purchasing the best products for them. •Co-ordinate sales activity.
Increase sales volume.
Persuade customers into purchases.

The production department is a department within an organisation who deals with the making and producing of products to be sold by the organisation, this would therefore mean that the production department would be relied on to convert raw materials into finished products to then be sold by the organisation. This conveys a high level of importance upon the production department because it means that if the organisation does not have a production department then they would be unable to convert their raw materials into finished goods in order to be sold, therefore decreasing the level of profit for the organisation. The main roles and duties of the production department are: •Covert raw materials to finished goods.

Ensure quality is achieved in each product produced.
Carry out inspections on product quality.
Ensure products are fit for purpose.
Ensure waste production is minimised.
Plan how long a product will last.
Ensure desired quantity of products is achieved.

Customer Service
The customer service department is a department within an organisation who deal with customer requests and needs, this would therefore include the dealing of customer complaints that customers may have towards the organisation or members of staff. The customer service department within an organisation is important because without it they customer needs and requests will not be met and also the customer service department being available will make customers feel more valued as they are able to get their views across to the organisation, as they are feeling more valued it would mean that the customers are likely...
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