Organisational Behaviour

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PRESENTATION DATE: 06 / 05 / 2012

Table Of Contents:

i) Abstract


iii)Job Responsibilities: Bank Manager

iv)Key Personnel Description and Relationships

a) Organization

b) Tellers / Personal Bankers

c) Customers - Existing / Potential

d) Specialist Managers / Relationship Managers

e) Summary

v)Diagram: Branch Structure and Interdependencies

vi) Diagram Summary


viii) Bibliography / Reference

i) Abstract:

The report seeks to highlight the intricacies in the role of Bank Manager in a retail branch of the banking industry. The aim of the report is to focus on the relationships and interdependence of the ABM from within and outside the organisation. The report also identifies the importance of the managers formal and informal interactions in fulfilling business and organisational success.

The report analyses the dynamics of the structure and how effective and efficient the structure performs with regard to job groups, reporting chain, roles and responsibilities and their interdependencies. The report aims to highlight the importance and complexities of managing the human side of the business. Finally, the report determines how the managers role can be an instrumental factor to the overall success or failure of the structure and the business unit.

ii) Introduction:

The report provides an insight into the mechanics of a retail banking branch and the role a manager plays within the structure. The report will cover aspects of the branch from its business structure, roles, responsibilities and objectives of key personnel and the relationships between individuals and groups. The purpose of the report is to highlight the part managers play in forming and enhancing interpersonal relationships internally and external of the business unit. The reports aim is to establish the managers ability and skill as a leader to be the cornerstone of building a highly productive and successful team.

iii)Job Title: Bank Manager - Retail Banking Sector

The managers responsibilities are to ensure business profitability, provide learning & development to team members, facilitate salesforce skill & growth, succeed in delivering exceptional customer service, ensure operational capability of the business unit & create community awareness and partnerships. The BM is the person responsible for leading and guiding the business unit to success. A majority of the managers time is spent in meetings and communicating with internal and external, partners and sources. Meetings are scheduled mainly to discuss business performance assessment, coaching and training, discuss personnel issues and business unit strategy planning. The manager is driven to succeed and ensures that the branch is adequately staffed and are equipped and capable of delivering what is required to achieve individual and ultimately team goals, an evident demonstration of leadership characteristics (Bass - 1990).

b) Tellers / Personal Bankers:

Tellers account for the most percentage of customer interaction and form part of the customers perceptive opinion, so they are an extremely important aspect of the business unit. The Tellers duty is to provide an efficient, accurate and exceptional service at all times. They also perform office duties that contribute to the operational side of the business. Tellers are also tasked to identify opportunities for new business or added products, via their interaction with clients. Leads are passed onto Personal Bankers or specialist managers to follow through.

The Personal Bankers role is generally associated as a sales role. Personal Bankers are required to turn opportunities into sales outcomes. Personal Bankers are also required to have the...

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