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Satyam Computer Services Limited.

Satyam Computer Service Limited is a leading global business and information technology company, delivering consulting, systems integration, and outsourcing solutions to clients in over 20 industries. Incorporated on June 24 1987, Satyam has grown substantially to become one of the fastest growing companies in the IT services and BPO sector. It is one of the youngest IT services company to reach US $1 billion mark in annual revenues. The first fortune 500 client for Satyam was John Deere where Satyam demonstrated both onsite and off shore work environment. It is the fourth largest IT Company in terms of revenue.

Conducive factors identified
The size of the worldwide IT service and BPO market is US $ 600 billion of which US $ 30 billion was serviced by Indian IT and Service Company in the year 2007, the addressable opportunity in these areas is nearly US $ 300 billion. According to NASSCOM report Indian companies will address about US $ 60 billion of these services by 2010and growth will come from infrastructure management system, BPO and growth in service line like engineering and design service which are as yet embryonic. In order to meet these new avenues Satyam has 8 key guiding principles which will help to meet organisational objectives 1)Create a compelling Infrastructure Management Service Business 2)Grow BPO service

3)Maintain Leadership with Application development and Maintenance Service 4)Win Strategic Deals
5)Invest in Engineering and design service
6)Expand geographic footprint
7)Enhance market positioning
8)Develop a strong Cadre of leaders

Growth of the organisation
Major Milestones – The major milestones for the company are as follows YearMilestone
1987Satyam Computer Services incorporated
1991John Deere, Satyam’s first fortune 500 customer
1992Company debuts on BSE
1993Joint venture with Dun and Bradstreet to launch IT service 1995ISO 9001 certification
1999Presence in 30 countries, SIFY debuts on NASDAQ
2000Associate count reaches 10000
2001Company listed on NYSE
2005Acquires Citisoft and Knowledge dynamics
2006Turns $1 billion company in revenues. Associate count reaches 45000. 2008Turns $2 billion company in revenues

From Across the road to across the sea (1987-1991) - The early satyam associates worked under the direct supervision of the customers (John Deere) at their office in US and UK. In 1991 they rented a house across the road the software development center of the client and worked without direct interaction with the clients and also worked during the night to simulate the way offshore engineers would have to do their jobs, the model was successful and also benefitted the customer in terms of project cost. •From outsourcing to rightsourcing (1992-1995) – Satyam focused on the global delivery model it had piloted with john Deere. They pioneered rightsourcing a global delivery model that offers customers the right mix of global delivery and onsite development service. Rightsourcing was a trademark of satyam computers services. •Internal Systems for growth (1995-1999) – It opened development centers in Atlanta, Chicago, New Jersey and e-grouped the delivery team and set up an organization wide knowledge repository •Becoming a Global Company (1999-2004) – By 1999 satyam was present in more than 30 countries. In 1999 SIFY debuted on NASDAQ •Growth through a community of leaders (2005 and beyond) – satyam is focusing more on leadership, innovation, partnership, entrepreneurship and operational excellence. Evolution (Orbital Growth)

The evolution that has taken place in the company has been described by way of orbits. In the last 15 years the company has moved from the first orbit of being an onsite driven company, started doing some pioneering work at offshore in the second orbit, and in 1991, it became the first Indian company to have granted a 64 kilobit connection to a customer in the US. The...

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