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The Organization Study undertaken as a part of the curriculum has completed at Handicraft Development Corporation in Trivandrum. This study provides the opportunity to expose the student to an organization and its operational conditions. This study also aims at having a better understanding of various departments and its function. Organization study helps to know overall functions of a concern.

This is a detailed study of the organization, product profile, service profile, organizational hierarchy, various departments and their functions.
This study proved to be fruitful by familiarizing us to the organization and at the same time it also helped us to create practical awareness.
The Handicraft Development Corporation is to be selected for undergoing the organizational study for the following reasons: •Trivandrum Handicraft Development Corporation is the head office. •In this organization has goodwill in general public.

Handicrafts have a major role in Tourism Sector.
To understand the flow of authority and responsibility in the different departments of the organization. •To assess the overall efforts adopted by the company in order to satisfy the consumer demand. •Find out the overall services of the organization to the customers.

Primary data was collected by conducting formal and informal interviews with the employees and by observation. Secondary data was collected through the company documents, magazines, books and by the use of internet. 1.4 SCOPE OF THE STUDY

The study is intended to attain a firsthand experience of the overall running of an organization. A detailed analysis of each of the activity performed by the departments is beyond the scope of the study. It also provides a chance to see the practical constrains faced by the managers while putting theory in to practical. 1.5 LIMITATION OF THE STUDY

Time was Insufficient to the completion of the project.
It has chances of guarded and biased response from the reliable source. •Busy time schedule of the employees.

Chapter 1: Introduction
Introduction chapter contains the objective, methodology, scope of the study, limitation of the organization study and cauterization. .Chapter 2: Industry Profile
In this chapter includes industry profile of Handicraft Development in india. Chapter 3: Company Profile
Company profile includes the complete profile of the organization. Strategic indent and also innovative products are included. Chapter 4: Organization Structure
Chapter 5: Analysis Objective wise
Detailed and complete analysis is to be included in this chapter. This chapter mainly analysis secondary data has been collected. Chapter 6: SWOT Analysis
In this chapter includes the findings from the analysis and give proper suggestions for recovering the find problems. Proper solutions are given for the findings and concluded with the solutions. Chapter 7: Findings, conclusion and suggestions

INDUSTRIAL PROFILE Handicrafts industry is a major area of employment generation in the State. Coconut Shell carving, straw picture making, cane work, bamboo and reed weaving, ivory carving, bell metal casting, screw pine and mat weaving are the major handicrafts in the State. Handicrafts Development Corporation and Artisans Development Corporation are the major promotional agencies of the industry. The Handicrafts Development Corporation is procuring and marketing handicraft products through its 19 Kairali emporia spread all over India.

Kerala's traditional handicrafts varieties are a class of its own. The artisans of Kerala carve in wood, design in jewellery and makes idols in metal. The gifted artisans makes beautiful idols of Lord Krishna, Ganesh, Goddess Saraswathi, Lakshmi etc. in sandal wood ,elephants in rose wood and other art works in varieties of other woods....
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