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As we move into the future, the Canadian society will strive more and more to being healthy individuals. This said, what we now deem healthy and safe will slowly become ways of the past, creating higher standards for government regulations and safe practices. It’s the individuals that drive industry and continue to change it drastically, so in the near future a more health conscious society will emerge. The government will continue to monitor baby feeding accessories and regulate their quality and relative safeness. As time goes by I assume the government will continue to ban unsafe products and ways of manufacturing to look out for the general well being of the consumers Organickidz will continue to expand in the coming years, and diversify its product line to feature products to sell to warehouse retailers like Costco. In diversifying they will ultimately stay competitive and be able to compete with the big manufactures in the industry.

Pestel Analysis:

Demographics: Affect which direction business need to take to be successful; the study of demographics can give us lots of information to gear our products and marketing plans to be most effective in drawing in the customer’s base we desire. When looking at how demographics of the baby feeding industry, there are important factors to consider when designing your product. First off you must consider birth rate to see if there will be enough traffic to sustain your product, as well as income levels of your target area to decide which income level you can be most profitable. Demographics can tell industry experts almost anything they need to know when planning for the future, Economic: Industry are currently seeing lower than average sales due to the ongoing recession, here in Canada being a population of generally well off individuals the necessities are still going to be bought, its only the luxury items that people will hold off on buying. Baby feeding accessories are a necessity for all parents with newborns and will continue to be sold and be a multibillion dollar market regardless. But the economy can play a part on parent’s decisions to be able to afford to have kids. Overall Canada economic standing is good and its exchange rate in comparison to neighbouring countries is doing well, this will hurt exports because the US can no longer get Canadian products for cheaper than buying elsewhere. Political environment: Consists of laws, government agencies and the pressure groups that influence or limit various organizations and individuals in a given society. They play can play a major role in any organizations ability to release new products, or use the materials they do for production. The government can set regulations and standards that all business must follow if they want to stay in business. One example is how the government banned the use of BPA in baby bottles, thus ever so changing the products companies sell and how they make them. As our culture moves more towards more of a health conscious view, the government standards in what is deemed safe will ultimately change. Technological environment: The technological environment is the most dramatic force shaping the baby industry, and creating new opportunities but in turn can also turn many existing products or process extinct. Some opportunities that can be associated with technology for the baby industry would be more efficient ways of manufacturing the products, the way we transport our products, all the way to incredibly sophisticated ways of tracking or products through the supply chain using RFID technology. The readily changing technological environment will give a competitive advantage to the organization that pursue this effectively and can create a more efficient way of doing business and creating the products they sell. Sociocultural: Canada’s social class structure is filled with mostly middle class citizens with only 10.8% of the population...
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