Topics: Organic food, Organic farming, Sustainable agriculture Pages: 3 (775 words) Published: December 8, 2012
Title: to get organic food
Specific purpose: Organic food advocates claim that organically grown foods are safer and more nutritious than foods raised with non-organic methods such as pesticide and non-organic fertilizer use, or antibiotic and hormone use. Thesis statement: Many people just don't trust these chemicals and don't want to put them into their bodies. Since virtually all non-organically produced foods contain residues of pesticides, fertilizers and other chemicals, the only way to avoid them is to buy organic foods. Introduction

Organic foods are grown without using most conventional pesticides and fertilizers. A product that is identified as being organic is not produced by genetic engineering. Ionizing radiation and sewage sludge cannot be used in organic production or handling. Organic farming practices include soil and water conservation measures. Crop rotation, manure, and compost are used to improve the soil in place of using conventional fertilizers. Instead of using commercial insecticides or herbicides, organic farmers might use companion planting to discourage insects and mulch and hand weeding to control weeds. To be certified as organic, food products need to come from farms and processing plants that are certified as organic. This means that they are inspected by certified government officials to ensure that organic farms are up to USDA organic standards. The USDA is responsible for the organic labeling program and allows one of three possible labels: Products labeled “100 percent organic” must contain only organically produced ingredients. Products labeled “organic” must have at least 95 percent of their ingredients organically produced. Products labeled “made with organic ingredients” must contain at least 70 percent organic ingredients. Products that contain less than 70 percent organic ingredients can list individual ingredients as organic but cannot say that the product is organic.

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