Orem s nursing process

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Nursing process presents a method to determine the self care deficits and then to define the roles of person or nurse to meet the self care demands. The steps within the approach are considered to be the technical component of the nursing process. Orem emphasizes that the technological component "must be coordinated with interpersonal and social processes within nursing situations. Nursing Process

Orem’s Nursing Process
Diagnosis and prescription; determine why nursing is needed. analyze and interpret –make judgment regarding care Design of a nursing system and plan for delivery of care
Production and management of nursing systems
Step 1-collect data in six areas:-
The person’s health status
The physician’s perspective of the person’s health status The person’s perspective of his or her health
The health goals within the context of life history ,life style, and health status The person’s requirements for self care
The person’s capacity to perform self care
Nursing diagnosis
Plans with scientific rationale
Step 2
Nurse designs a system that is wholly or partly compensatory or supportive-educative. The 2 actions are:-
Bringing out a good organization of the components of patients’ therapeutic self care demands Selection of combination of ways of helping that will be effective and efficient in compensating for/ overcoming patient’s self care deficits Implementation

Step 3
Nurse assists the patient or family in self care matters to achieve identified and described health and health related results. collecting evidence in evaluating results achieved against results specified in the nursing system design Actions are directed by etiology component of nursing diagnosis evaluation

Application of Orem’s theory to nursing process
Therapeutic self care demand
Adequacy of self care agency
Nursing diagnosis
Methods of helping
Maintain effective respiration

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