Topics: Ilocos Sur, Urban design, Observation Pages: 2 (852 words) Published: October 24, 2014

ORDINANCE No. 301/08
ORDINANCE No. 337/11
ORDINANCE No. 375/14

ORDINANCE No. 254/05
AN ORDINANCE REGULATING SMOKING IN PUBLIC PLACES AND PROVIDING PENALTIES THERETO IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE IMPLEMENTING RULES AND REGULATIONS OF REPUBLIC ACT 9211, OTHERWISE KNOWN AS “THE TOBACCO REGULATORY ACT OF 2003” Section 1 states that smoking is strictly banned in public places such as youth activity center, elevators and stairwells, near fire hazards, buildings and premises of public and private hospitals, public conveyances and public facilities, and food preparation areas. This is observed in some places. In schools, for example, they do prohibit smoking but other students smoke especially those college students when is not seen by public authorities and concerned teachers. I have seen people smoking near gasoline stations. It’s inappropriate! But what’s more disgusting are the gasoline boys who have seen it yet hadn’t done anything about it. They must’ve known that smoking is dangerous especially it’s in the station. Every gasoline station must have CCTV cameras to properly secure their customers and workers. Hospitals like Metro Vigan Cooperative Hospital and other health facilities strictly prohibit smoking. It’s proven and I’ve observed this. Food stalls does not prohibit smoking because it’s their customers and/or perhaps they do not have knowledge of the ordinance. Section 2 states the designation of smoking and non-smoking areas. Establishments and schools must have a smoking zone and non-smoking area to properly observe orderliness and cleanliness. Section 5 states the penalties for violating the ordinance. I haven’t heard so far any complainant or being warned of smoking. This ordinance is helpful to the inhabitants and tourists of Bantay, Ilocos Sur. If properly observes, it will manifest that the people of Bantay are good and law-abiding citizens. The people reflect the...
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