Orchestra Concert Review Essay
Topics: Orchestra, Violin, Symphony, Hector Berlioz / Pages: 5 (1091 words) / Published: Apr 15th, 2017

While listening to a radio station dedicated to classical music, my grandpa heard about a concert starring Kirk Muspratt and the New Philharmonic orchestra. He had been a long-time supporter and contributor to the orchestra and loved the conductor, so he wanted me to share his experiences as well. The New Philharmonic really is not the newest orchestra; it was founded 40 years ago with only 29 musicians who practiced in worn-down buildings. Originally founded to be a chamber group, the NP eventually expanded into a diverse orchestra, which now plays everything from Tchaikovsky to Rodgers and Hammerstein. Going in, I was not sure what we were going to be listening to, but we saw them perform three Romantic French symphonies at the College of …show more content…
It was always interesting, and while often similar, always changing like the progression of a good story; I absolutely love music that develops over time, as it makes it interesting. It looked incredibly fun to play, as it ranged from super quiet to in-your-face powerful, but I think I was attracted to it most because it was more diverse and catchy than the other pieces. It completely locked my attention in the entire time. My favorite part of the experience, likely like many others, was the whole feeling of connection with the orchestra. The talk in the beginning, the Ask Kirk cards, and the Cookies With Kirk after the concert made me feel like I was a part of the whole thing. They showed that they appreciated their audience’s support, and that made me go deeper into the concert experience. Taking from this, I would like to focus more on what the audience sees when I perform; like the New Philharmonic, I want to keep listeners engaged and have their input really influence the way I play. It was an amazing, immersive experience, and definitely one I would like to replicate for the audience next performance; I really have just focused on making it through than making it interesting. After the concert, It really was an amazing experience to be part of; one that I would love to replicate in my own playing and be a spectator to

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