Oral Presentation - Persuasive Speech

Topics: Rhetoric, Need to know, Speech Pages: 3 (537 words) Published: March 1, 2014
Assessment Task - HIGH SCHOOL

YEAR 9, English.
How is language used to construct reality, inform and challenge?


Teacher(s): J.Wilson, J.Francis, A.Arkwright, N.Malik, R.Coleman, J.Ward

Assessment No. and Task Type
e.g. #3 test, creative response, essay
#1 Persuasive Oral
Length – words/time
5 – 7 mins
Evidence of Progress Due Date
Week 3/4
Due Date
Week 5

Learning Goals
See Unit Outline - must align with Assessment Criteria & marking schema/rubric – use dot points - use the following stem ...This task will allow you to demonstrate your ability to: Analyse and demonstrate the ways that text structures, images and language features can be manipulated for effect. Edit for effect, selecting vocabulary and grammar that contribute to the precision and persuasiveness of texts. Evaluate and integrate ideas and information from texts to form their own interpretations and create texts to respond to issues, interpreting and integrating ideas from other texts. Listen for ways that texts position an audience as well as make presentations comparing and evaluating responses to ideas and issues Understand how to use a variety of language features to create different levels of meaning.

Give the context/connect to what has been studied in class - use sentences. Insert visual. We have been studying the language features and structures used in persuasive speeches. You are to present a persuasive speech taking on the persona of one of the following people: Travel agent persuading people to travel to a particular holiday destination Captain of a sporting team persuading the team that 2014 is their year Life coach telling the audience that they are sharing the most important life skill/lesson they will ever need to know.

Task Instructions
e.g. materials allowed - format in which task is to be presented - teacher expectations - helpful hints - reference any scaffolding...
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