Opposite Argument Paper

Topics: High school, Players, College Pages: 3 (1367 words) Published: February 20, 2007
Charles Tate
Professor Collado
English Composition, 11554
Opposite Argument Paper

From High School Straight into the Pros
High school players skipping college to go straight to the NBA had been one of the biggest arguments that have been present in the game of basketball. Many players such as Kobe Bryant, Kevin Garnett, and LeB ron James have made that jump straight to the NBA instead of going to college. Many have asked whether it was smart of them to skip a chance to go to college. A few questions regarding this subject state that these kids are not ready mentally and maybe physically to play in the NBA. Others say that they are too young and need time to develop so they might even be better if they were to go to college. What makes this topic so controversial is that even though many see players that have done well making that jump to straight to the league such as Tracy McGrady, there are a hundred more kids that people don't see that decide to make that jump and end up not doing as well as they thought and now can't go back to college to play ball. This is unless they go to a development NBA camp to see how they manage before they make a true decision. Others such as myself believe that if they decide to make a jump this big they should be able to handle everything, if anything, happens. They decided to make a man's decision and should have to handle the consequences that a man would handle. Meaning, if they don't play as well as they thought they were going to play or don't even get drafted, that is a price they are going to have to pay. Hopefully, they've done well in school at not only on the court.

Those who believe in this point of view anticipate players to develop over a certain period of time and be better off as a player and person before the NBA. Advocates of this decision believe that college will not only improve a players game but at the same time prepare them mentally for life after basketball if they have a life...
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