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Opportunity Assessment Plan

Shampoo is a hair care product used for the removal of oils, dirt, skin particles, dandruff, environmental pollutants and other contaminant particles that gradually build up in hair. The goal is to remove the unwanted build-up without stripping out so much sebum as to make hair unmanageable. Composition of shampoos

Shampoo is generally made by combining a surfactant, most often sodium lauryl sulfate and/or sodium laureth sulfate with a co-surfactant, most oftencocamidopropyl betaine in water to form a thick, viscous liquid. Other essential ingredients include salt (sodium chloride), which is used to adjust the viscosity, apreservative and fragrance.[9] Other ingredients are generally included in shampoo formulations to maximize the following qualities. pleasing foam

ease of rinsing
minimal skin/eye irritation
thick and/or creamy feeling
pleasant fragrance
low toxicity
good biodegradability
slight acidity (pH less than 7)
no damage to hair
repair of damage already done to hair
Many shampoos are pearlescent. This effect is achieved by addition of tiny flakes of suitable materials, e.g. glycol distearate, chemically derived from stearic acid, which may have either animal or vegetable origins. Glycol distearate is a wax. Many shampoos also include silicone to provide conditioning benefits.

Hair Coloring Market
Hair coloring is currently a globally accepted fashion phenomenon. From the young generation with playful attitude towards hair coloring to the older generation who hide their gray hair, hair coloring products have been consumed by both men and women. To meet the customer demand and to further enhance the product, research has been done to improve the coloring affects and to minimize the damage to the hair. In the market, several different kinds of hair coloring products are available. Hair coloring can be applied through coloring shampoos or hair dyes. The hair coloring products can be categorized in several types, which include the permanent, demi permanent, semi-permanent, and temporary. The permanent coloring lasts until the hair grows out, demi-permanent lasts up to 24 washes, semi-permanent lasts for six to eight weeks, and temporary lasts for one to three washes. In general approximately one third of the world market is accounted by Western Europe, a quarter by North America, and one fifth by Latin America, and 15% by the Asia-Pacific region. Studies have shown that the permanent hair coloring products make up the majority of the market worldwide. Often these products will be described as “Level 3” for the use of oxidative or permanent dyes. A lot of the products has been targeted towards the male market as well has the teenagers. There are demands for brighter hair color and as well as hiding the gray hair with a lighter color. Either way, the market is growing as well as the research done in this subject.

Nature of opportunity
Hair is termed as our crowning glory. Women as well as men are changing color of their hair more often than ever. Is it that they are looking for a perfect color for their hair or simply want to change the look? There may be many reasons behind this change. People use hair colors to increase the natural beauty of their hair. Hair coloring have an instant effect and make you look fabulous. With time hair coloring products have evolved a lot and today you can find a host of them available as temporary, semi-permanent, and even permanent hair dyes. You also have a huge array of colors to choose from starting from natural shades to incredible colors like blue, red, green or purple. However most of the hair color products and dyes available in the market are unable to satisfy needs of people because of their numerous side effects. Poor quality - If the quality of the dye is poor it will have adverse effect on the hair of the person. Many people like to save money and do not opt for good quality hair dyes or colors. However it is...
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