Opportunities Of African Americans

Topics: Racial segregation, African American, Franklin D. Roosevelt Pages: 1 (352 words) Published: February 25, 2015

The opportunities for African Americans improved very little in the USA around the periods of 1945 and 1955 because when President Truman was in power he did very little to oppose racism and this led it to be a small period in which improvement took a small leap of faith. Racism was believed never to be truly abolished because it's relatively easy to change laws, but they don't do anything until you change the people who have to live by them. For this reason many Presidents could not help improve the problem in America other than it being a political problem it was also a social problem meaning it socially affected everyone and anyone who was thought to be seen with racial inflictions. The issue that which had spread as a collective slowed the progress of the NAACP and this affected the whole reason why African Americans received their equal rights in a longer time period than other. An example of slow progress was that African Americans got 25% of increase in the votes showing that it was progress but did not have affect because they were told if they vote and they were black they would be lynched. People agree that little improvements were made by President Truman because he had made promises such as to publish a bill in 1947 called ‘To Secure These Rights’. He may have made a report of this showing how Black African Americans were unfairly discriminated and this shocked many people but this had no effect on the improvement in America from 1945 to the time 1955. The reason why they had not made many drastic changes to the law including changes to black voting rights, reduce lynching by introducing new legislation and to end segregated facilities such as schools and public toilets; was because the report was not made into a bill and this made it potentially impossible for any of these things to actually come into act. And if this was done there still would need to consider the fact that Racism would still live within the minds and souls of the people....
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