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Topics: Black people, White people, Muhammad Ali Pages: 2 (684 words) Published: June 17, 2013
Research project
Cassius Marcellus Clay Jr, professionally known as Muhammad Ali is an inspiration to all people around in the 20th century. He has not only fought in a boxing ring and become a world heavyweight champion; he has battled with the Parkinson’s syndrome and has been harassed for converting to Islam. He honestly fought in a boxing ring knowing that when he comes out, there is a world of critics out there. He was a role model for all Muslim’s and black people. He did not get weakened because of his beliefs; he talked about them and explained his religion. This was the least of his problems. Around the time of Ali, segregation was still fresh and around. He would say things like "You're my enemy. My enemy is the white people!” He wasn’t afraid of racism and would not let it affect him. He was known as a representative for all blacks. He is, and was, a part of the very few black people who spoke up against racism. He did not soak it up and keep going, he spoke, and he fought for his rights. Being robust inside and outside the boxing ring added to his fame. Muhammad was portrayed as an amazing boxer with a huge amount of confidence. He was conceited, but it was allowed due to his greatness. However, what was not allowed (according to the white people) was the fact that he’d fight back against the racism. In that time it was rare for a black person to speak up. When Muhammad began to represent the blacks, his image and identity was immediately changed, he was then perceived as a conceited black man, who knew how to throw a few punches here and there. However Muhammad did the courageous thing and kept going, with his head held up high. Muhammad is diverse; he did not base his life on his surroundings. When he changed his name he could have changed it to a less obvious name so that he wasn’t targeted, but he did not, In fact he chose the most popular and obvious Muslim name in the world today. Being present in the time of the segregation of white’s and...
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