Operations Management for Mcdonald

Topics: Management, Operations management, McDonald's Pages: 3 (974 words) Published: March 15, 2012
University College Dublin
National University of Ireland, Dublin
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Operations Management
Pre course assignment

Intake: BSc14L
Student Name: Wu Linlin
Student Number: 10287698
Lecturer: Professor Brian Fynes & Dr. Chang Chen Sheng
Date of Submission: 21 February 2012

For the fast food chains, it is no doubt that McDonald's is successful in the world. It is known to all from children to elder. This is closely relevant to organization operation that produces food and services. Operation plays an important part in developing organization. In this paper, it provides McDonald's operation features and benefits which contribute to competitive advantages through operation analysis of fast food chains tycoon. McDonald's was established in 1954 is the world's largest fast food enterprise. It was the fast food chains that initiated by McDonald's brother and Ray. Crocker in American by selling hamburgers. McDonald's restaurant covers about six continents in the world with more than hundred countries and has become a global big valuable brands restaurant. In many countries, McDonald's means an American way of life. McDonald's has an effective productivity. 1) The cook is practiced that cooking food in 50 seconds and server in as short as possible time put the order food for customers. 2) Reduce customer who stay at the table in rush hour for fast customer flow. All the attendant fulfill their duties on work time and are not allowed doing irrelevant work and things. 3) Simplifying the delivery procedures, reduce of connection parts and processes, speed up process and improve efficiency. The waiter hosts the customer not more than one minute and the fastest record is 18 seconds. 4) Owns a peculiar system of rapid service--cashier system and support system. 5) It use high automation new machine to improve the work efficiency. 6) Recipes stable and simple to keep preparing easy, convenient trading,...
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