Operational Goals and Approaches for Learning Core Concepts

Topics: Abelian group, English-language films, Group theory Pages: 2 (581 words) Published: April 25, 2013
* Brief introduction
Today we are going to talk to you about our critical incident. This incident revolves around receiving our marks of our reflective essay. Prior to receiving our marks we were all confident on our understanding of the subject and also confident on what had to be done for our reflective essay. However, after receiving our marks we relised that we needed to take a different approach.

* Task environment
The catalyst for this incident would be classified as a external environment, in that it is outside the reach of control of our group. More specifically, it comes from the task environment, via the “regulator” function (which is Anjum). The receiving back our reflective essay had a deep impact on our group. We were negatively impacted by our external task environment.

* Diversity ---- cause….. storming
Our group is very diverse in terms of its members. Not just in terms of primary dimensions, such as gender, race, age etc. but also in term of secondary dimension, where the unique experiences and knowledge, if utilised properly, could make a huge difference to the outcome of our project. The problem also lied here as some members were much quieter than others, and didn’t have the confidence to speak up in class as the sheer size of the group scared them. As most of our work thus far had been done in class, it meant that our team was working at half its possible maximum efficiency. As such we decided to adopt a new strategy to better utilise our PT’s assets.

* Strategy
It’s because of this that we had to adopt a different strategy and the way we addressed our operational goals and plans. To counter our poor results we developed a set of operational goals around learning the core concepts. Previous to the incident our only goal was to obtain an HD. Which wasn’t really a strategic or operational plan. This operational plans meant dividing the team into subgroups, each focused on a particular core concept that...
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