Week 5 Business 475 Paper

Topics: Publishing, Strategic planning, Publication Pages: 4 (2141 words) Published: November 1, 2014

University of Phoenix
Week 5 BUS/475
June 16, 2014
Calvert Williams
Will Release publishing company with invested funds and sales is the publishing house of the new world. A world where people see that all creative ideas and crafts should be shared with everyone as intense as any other product. It is the company where we make it a practice with in my company that I will not only involve my employees in the decision making process, but award and praise them as we grow and learn. No matter what your business, your employees are the backbone of your company. I also know that taking the time out with your clients and discovering those wants and needs before making any suggestions to their current coverage's is the first step in gaining their trust. In order to be successful we plan on implementing our strategy right away in order to be a successful and valuable company. We have made up numerous teams with strong leaders who is lead each objective and report on its success. The point of tactical planning is to reach the goals and objectives of the strategic plan. But markets and the business environment can change quickly. When this happens, it is time to reassess how tactics are performing against stated goals and to change tactics if necessary. Our objective is to be a tool for our clients in the numerous artistic crafts of the world and share with everyone, while creating revenue and providing community service. Building a brand takes huge amounts of time and resources. Will Release will not only is it a place where you can begin to grow as a client but it’s also a place where you can build your brand, test ideas, get user feedback, and engage your future projects in a conversation with publishing, event and brand professionals. The company that focuses on building an audience first and building a brand second will find that a captive audience is more willing to work with you on services that don’t quite hit the mark. I would like to start and operate a...
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