Open Office

Topics: Backup, Linux, Internet Explorer, Sun Microsystems, Office suite, Microsoft Office / Pages: 3 (523 words) / Published: Apr 25th, 2011
Benefits OpenOffice and FireFox can run on any Window’s OS
Scope Only affects Product Research Team Workstations
Costs Free to download software. Contract fees will be approx $600
Training Small amount of training may be required
Risks Minimal
Migration Normal Backup procedures
I believe OpenOffice is a consistent and easy to use Application. It still allows you to open MS Office documents and also save in MS Office format.
One of the drawbacks of choosing to use OpenOffice is that it has a higher memory and CPU usage than other office suites. This stems from the fact that OpenOffice is one large, all-inclusive program rather than several individual programs like other office suites. This can cause the program to function slower than other office suites.
OpenOffice does have a small variety of fonts, though not as many as other office suites. You can add fonts by downloading and installing them into the system.
Mozilla FireFox is one of the most secure internet browsers on the market today. You can import your bookmarks from IE. You can try it without changing anything else in your computer setup. If you change your mind, you can still go back to your old browser at any time.
In conclusion I will be recommending the installation of both Software applications as they can be used in conjunction with Microsoft Windows & Office and will run seamlessly with minimal conflicts.
I am also recommending that, if approved, I carry out the installation after work hours so there is less downtime involved.
Materials Cost Where to obtain
OpenOffice Free

Mozilla FireFox Free

Contract Fee for install and training $600

Implementation Task Time in minutes Who will perform
Create restore points 5 mins
Backup data and verify 30 mins
Download OpenOffice 20 mins
Download Mozilla FireFox 5 mins
Virus Scan Software 5 mins
Install Software 10 mins
Run checks 15 mins

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