Open Campus Lunch

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Eng. III
3 December 2013
Open Campus Lunch
Open campus lunch is a controversial topic that can often be “swept under the rug” so to speak. Schools often have closed campus lunch because an open campus lunch runs the risk of after lunch truancies, but there are many benefits to open campus lunch they may not realize. More money in Montgomery County, more places to eat, and longer lunch periods, are a few reasons why open campus lunch would be a better alternative.

Montgomery Independent School District has a closed campus lunch policy which means that the students may not leave the campus during their lunch period. Each lunch period is around 25 minutes long and the students must wait in long lines to get their food and when they sit down to eat they must eat quickly which can result in stomach aches. Adopting the open campus policy could benefit the community as well. For example, if the students were allowed to eat at the restaurants around town, the amount of money Montgomery is receiving would be bigger because the students would be spending money eating every day. To accommodate the spending of more money and the growth of our city, more places to eat would open up because the demand of food would be greater. With more places to eat, Montgomery County would grow, because of our newfound places to eat and money being spent on food. Students often forget things, may they be books, papers, projects, you name it. With longer lunch periods the students would be able to go to their house and pick up any forgotten items. If a student forgets their history book, or maybe an English essay, they could run to their house really fast and pick it up and not have to worry about any late grades or missing assignments. Say a student does not have computer access at home, they would be able to go to the library at lunch and type their assignments, finish any computer work, print something, or do some research for a project. Some faculty might argue that the...
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