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CERTIFICATE OF ADMINISTRATION IN TRAVEL, TOURISM & HOSPITALITY (CATTH) 1. Philosophy The Certificate in administration in Travel Tourism and Hospitality is designed to develop young Namibians to effectively manage the countries tourism resources to ensure sustained growth of the industry. The course appeals to staff already working in the field and those aspiring to join the industry as employees or operators to its relevance and practical approach. The course prepares students for a role that will ensure adequate human resource to manage the growing tourism industry in Namibia and abroad. The course will give the student the necessary skills to work or operate in a very demanding environment. It will enable graduates to advance to the Higher Certificate in Travel Tourism and Hospitality or gain meaningful employment, start own operation or act as a tourism consultant.

2. Programme Outcomes
By the time the graduate finishes the Certificate of Administration, he/she will be equipped with knowledge, skills and requisite attitude to effectively operate to work in the tourism industry.

3. Objectives (Purpose)
 By the end of the course, the student will be expected to appreciate tourism industry and the context in which it operates.  To get the student to understand concepts in Travel Tourism and Hospitality.  Understand the role of marketing and communication in travel tourism and hospitality.  To give students the theory and practice of administration and accounting systems in travel tourism and hospitality.  Appreciation of the role of government in managing tourism resources.

4. Enrolment Standards (Admission Requirements):
To be registered for any of the courses, candidates must: Hold HIGCSE senior certificate in four subjects with 1- 4 symbols OR Hold a Grade 12 senior certificate (IGCSE) with a minimum of C symbol in English Language, a pass in Mathematics and a C symbol in three other subjects totaling twenty five points or more OR Enter through flexible learning path – mature age/prior learning with five years relevant experience in various fields of world of work. Apart from a valid IGCSE 22

certificate, applicants must also have attained a minimum of 25 points on the IUM evaluation scale. Please note that achievement of these requirements will not automatically guarantee a place on the degree course, it will be subject to a successful interview/aptitude test (as required) and availability of places. OR The equivalent of any of the above as determined by Senate.

5. Teaching Methods
The students will be expected to be responsible for their own learning, nobody can learn for somebody else. Emphasis will be placed upon the need for a student to read extensively in each of the subjects. The role of the lecturer is to stimulate learning and to support and guide that process. Programmed reading will support these endeavours. A wide range of teaching methods will be employed by lecturers from traditional lectures through to small decision-making groups, as well as the use of training films and videos, and advanced business simulations.

6. Learning Standards
Class contributions by the students will be encouraged and the extent to which these contributions conform to the teachings of the Certificate of Administration in Travel, Tourism and Hospitality will be an important facet in the success of the student. Individual assignments will be set by the lecturer every two weeks and should usually exceed the standard of the exam. Like the group assignments these will normally take the form of a duplicated handout, that should be returned with the finished assignment. The student will be expected to carry these out without help. It is in the student’s interest to carry out these tests with integrity. They will be marked anonymously by their fellow students against a given marking plan. The tutors will use these results to monitor...
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