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HOS 1100

Please post your reflections on this class. Do you think you would be interested in pursuing a career in the hospitality industry? Has this changed from the beginning of the class?

Please respond to two of your classmates postings.

Main posts
I really learned lot of things from this class. Also, it has been helped me learn more things in the industry in the hospitality tourism, and leisure industry. I have gained some knowledge of the opportunities of career in the industry and I also gained some the skills from the hospitality, tourism, and leisure industry by different sections. I will be interested to have a career in the hospitality industry because I like the environment such as hotel, tourism, or even like air port.I think hotel is really clean and it has the big potential in the future In addition, I think if I have a career in the hospitality industry then it may be a stable job due to people will need leisure anyways. This class allowed me learn lot of good insights about hospitality industry which can help me develop this industry in the future. It has changed my feeling for this industry because I did not know that hospitality industry can include so many fun things there and make people to enjoy their life. Thus, I really like this class and I hope I can take again.

This class offers me a better schedule for me because I am a full time worker. I can not take so many classes in campus. Yet, this class allows me to work full time and I can take this class and other three hospitality classes as well.

The hospitality industry is a international industry and it can be developed different sections. After studying this class, I more understand and realize what jobs I can work after I graduate. Even though, there is a bad economic in our society but people still want to go travel sometimes and they can not just live on the street. They will need to live in hotel. How can you tell me we can find a...
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