Online Dating

Topics: Online dating service, Sociology, Social network service Pages: 4 (1557 words) Published: April 24, 2013
Online Dating
In the world of cyberspace, there are numerous activities and trends that have risen in recent years. With new sites constantly emerging, people are spending more time on the internet. One of the more popular trends on the internet is social networks and sites created for matchmaking or online dating. In the past people were limited to finding dates, the choices of dates were scarce in some smaller areas. People had only been able to date with many limits and with people in the same area. Now with the emergence of social networking and online dating sites such as eHarmony and Facebook, people are able to meet others, form friendships, or even relationships with someone without ever meeting one another. Although there are cases of deception, social networking is no different than meeting someone at a grocery store. We never know who we're actually perusing until a physical date, but even then, people we meet aren’t who they turn out to be. Online Dating is a good way for certain age groups to meet new people, but not all ages should rely on online dating. Younger people shouldn't rely on internet dating because, they have more options to find someone. Online dating should be utilized by the older single population because they have fewer options and wouldn’t want to go through the process of going out and finding someone all over again. Why has internet dating grown so much over the past years? While initially there was a stigma associated with meeting people through the internet, this stigma is fading and the percentage of couples that meet online is increasing. According to Sautter, Tippet, and Morgan, “This growth in Internet dating services and patterns of utilization reflect three factors; technological change making Internet dating available and efficient, coupled with growing computer literacy that makes it increasingly accessible; demographic change producing a greater number and variety of persons who might be searching for romantic...

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