Onion Investigatory Project Proposal

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Ginger (Zingiber Officinale): An Organic Fungicide

Monique T. Bustamante
Sherry Mae B. Mejia
Christine Joy U. Sibayan
Jerica Mae T. Vetonio

Ms. Violeta Rafanan

Don Ramon E. Costales Memorial National High School
Villasis, Pangasinan

September 2012

One of alarming problem that maybe encountered by our country next generations was the inadequate agricultural production, this all about the foods that is one of the primary needs of people. The increasing number of population here in the Philippines means more and more demands should be given/support. CHAPTER I

There are a lot of new products that we can be benefited from ginger only through experimentation and investigation. We can use it as food seasoning in culinary dishes, used for preservatives and anti-septic properties, it can utilize as flavoring agent in beverages, and important constituent in cosmetics and performs product but most of all we choose Ginger: As an Organic Fungicide. As a Responsible students and citizen, we decided ginger as fungicide. B. STATEMENTS OF THE PROBLEM

The use of chemical fungicide have advantages but more disadvantages, why? First, through the use of chemicals, our environment will be polluted. Chemicals also are harmful to our health; it may cause a sudden death in case of improper handling. That’s why we invented an organic fungicide, a safer and more effective one. * General Objectives we invented the onion as an organic fungicide because we want to increase the agricultural production of our country without harming our environment and harming our own health too. * Specific Objectives to control the use of substances that may bring harm and a tremendous effect in our environment. * To control the use of substances that may bring hazard tour health. * To ensure as a model of others for them to search/find new things that can make our life easier and comfortable without harming others. * To inform and persuade the farmers to give more attention to the organic fungicides than those composed of chemicals. * To help for the progress of our country by means of showing alternative, effective and brilliant way to achievement. C. HYPOTHESIS

As a youth and a student, giving importance to the country, we believed that using organic fungicide may bring success to the farmers and gardeners. If the whole world uses these fungicides, each of us can help in balancing the world. Avoiding of chemicals may lead to a brighter future, a future without environmental and health problems and a country with progress. D. SIGNIFICANCE OF STUDY

We, as investigators, believed that this investigation is very important because it may bring satisfaction to the agricultural (agencies/aspect) for having progressive harvests. It is also important because it serves as a way to encourage every one of us to love and take care of our environment while making our daily lives modern and easier. E.SCOPE AND LIMITATIONS

This research is all about an organic fungicide made from ginger. There are many farmers and gardeners now or organic fungicides in the country and many are convinced by their beneficial used. As natural Fungicides are preferred from natural products, application of these materials has less unfavorable impact on the environment than chemicals. They are now used widely is sustainable agricultural for the control of pest and diseases. F. DEFINITION OF TERMS



Preliminary research indicates that nine compounds found in ginger may bind to human serotonin receptors which may influence gastrointestinal function. Research conducted in vitro tests show that ginger extract might control the quantity of free radicals and the peroxidation of lipids. Preliminary studies involving the effect of ginger on nausea occurring with pregnancy suggest that intake of ginger may cause belching after ingestion In a 2010...

Bibliography: •Sangatamon, Pedro D., Practical Gude to Organic Fungicide. Dagupan City: BBd Bookshoppe, 1981
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