One Human Activity in Causing Climate Change

Topics: Carbon dioxide, Greenhouse gas, Natural gas Pages: 2 (585 words) Published: November 27, 2011
Examine the role of one human activity in causing climate change The earth is becoming hotter as the world is becoming more developing. Climate does change from time to time, but human activity increases the frequency and devastation of the change. This essay will concentrate on how industrialization contributes to the increased production of greenhouse gases and discuss how this in turn influences climate change. Since the industrialization becomes worldwide, every country tries to find its way to develop the economy and technology. Although it is good to human beings, it is devastating to nature. Greenhouse gases include carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) and ozone in the lower part of the atmosphere. Carbon dioxide is produced when coal, oil, and natural gas (fossil fuels) are burned to produce energy used for transportation, manufacturing, heating, cooling, electricity generation and other applications. The use of fossil fuel currently accounts for 80 to 85% of the carbon dioxide being added to the atmosphere. (Global Change Research Information Office,2006)A large quantity of greenhouse gases are produced in the process of meeting our needs towards convenience. Many industrial products also create much methane and nitrous oxide, like motor vehicles and other transportations. In addition, CFCs have been used in refrigeration, air conditioning, and as solvents. Since a large quantity of factories are being established and used, the economy is escalating, which also means enormous pollution to the environment. Convenience needs considerable resources from nature, and more arable lands for farming. Land use changes, for instance, clearing land for logging, ranching and agriculture, also lead to carbon dioxide emissions. Over the past several hundred years, deforestation and other land use changes in many countries have contributed substantially to atmospheric carbon dioxide increases.( Global Change Research Information...

References: Global Change Research Information Office (2006) Common Questions about Climate Change. Washington, DC: GCRIO. Available from: (Accessed: 08 April 2011)
David Adam.2007.Carbon output rising faster than forecast, says study. Environment The Guardian. Available from
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