Climate Change Caused by Human

Topics: Greenhouse gas, Carbon dioxide, Oxygen Pages: 3 (724 words) Published: March 30, 2013
Examine the role of one human activity in causing climate change

With the rapid development of contemporary society, the balance between human and the nature has been destroyed. The increase of globally averaged temperature on the earth’s surface has occurred over the past century. Thus, climate problems have been the initial international issue to be handled. Industrial production is one of human activities causing climate change. Firstly, this essay will analyze how carbon dioxide and small carbon particles lead to climate change. Secondly, this essay will present the cooling effect of Feron on global temperature. Finally, this essay will discuss how deforestation in expanding industrial land changes climate.

The combustion of fossil fuels is inevitable in industrial production, because it provides extreme high temperature and continuous heat. It is the direct contributor to climate changes by emitting large amounts of greenhouse gases, such as carbon dioxide, methane, sulfur dioxide and nitrogen dioxide. The concentration of carbon dioxide has increased since industrial revolution. In the past ten years, the situation has deteriorated, as the increase in the concentration has become far quicker than previous predictions (Adam, 2007). The majority of carbon dioxide emission results from fossil fuels. Due to the increasing atmospheric concentration of carbon dioxide, more sun energy is absorbed and trapped in the atmosphere, enhancing greenhouse effect (NDPI, 2008). Not only greenhouse gases but also carbon particles, consisting of heavy smoke which is produced by burning fossil fuels, are responsible for climate change. These particles gather in clouds, increasing the density of the atmosphere, which causes sun heat radiation be absorbed and trapped inside the earth without being released. With less heat reflecting back to the space, negative impacts on earth’s warming are amplifyed. Consequently, burning fossil fuels in industrial production is a major...
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