Ompare and Contrast of Marketing Strategy of Li-Ning Domestically and Internationally

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Compare and contrast of marketing strategy of Li-Ning domestically and internationally

After the establishment of market economy in China, Chinese economy developed at a rapid speed and its achievement in economic construction is obvious to all; In the 2001s, China assessed to WTO, it is benefit for export trade and absorbing foreign investment; In the 2010s, China become the second largest economy in this world. With the expansion of Chinese economy, Chinese sports brand rises and achieved great development; one of the outstanding representatives is Li-Ning Company Limited which makes athletic shoes and sporting goods (Xing Zhang, 2012). After 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, sports industry becomes an investment hotspot in China and the self-fulfilled Chinese brand like Li-Ning are attempting to find a way for further international development (Dong Qinqin, 2011); As a high-end sports brand, Li-Ning regards Nike and Adidas as its strongest competitors that endorse a great deal of athletes and sports teams, both domestic and international (Xin Zhang, 2012). This article will investigate and make some comparisons of marketing strategy of Li-Ning domestically and international in order to provide some suggestions for the further development of Li-Ning Company Limited.

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Overall, Li-Ning’s domestic and international strategies have the following aspects in common. First, Li-Ning focused on promoting its brand both domestically and internationally. A number of famous athletes and sports team are sponsored by Li-Ning like famous Chinese gymnast Chen Yibing, Spanish men’s basketball team, world top badminton player Lin Dan and Russian pole vaulter Yelena Isinbayeva. These athletes or sports team possess great influence among the whole sports circle and they be can make great performance while competing with the others in large sports event; For example, in the London 2012 Olympic Game, Chinese badminton star Lin Dan beat Malaysia’s Lee Chong...

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