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Topics: Marketing, Laundry detergent, Economics Pages: 2 (429 words) Published: April 26, 2012
Trần Mộng Đào
Marketing strategy of OMO detergent from 2002 to now


Today’s Vietnam has opened integration with the international economy so consumers have more choices. The competition between brands is increasingly fierce. Therefore, companies are adopting new methodologies in order to market their products and services to a contemporary market. However, one of the brands lies in the heart of numerous customers in Vietnam and perhaps no one do not know about OMO detergent of Unilever. It has very good and efficient marketing strategy in Viet Nam. Unilever increases its market segment by catering to economically diverse segments of groups in the same country or region, through the launch of distinct brands, thereby aiming to increase the exposure of its brands among a wider section of the market (Arnold and Quelch, 1998). Marketing strategy has evolved as an important feature for the strategic development and expansion of business in economies of large scale and emerging markets (Bang and Sharad, 2008). Little rereach has been done on topic advantages and disadvantages of OMO. Omo detergent has a good marketing strategy (Huong Sen, 2010). However, there is little information avalable on marketing strategy of OMO detergent from 2002 to now as well as the lack of specific information about OMO brand. This paper report the results of surveys conducted in order to determine marketing and detail customers’ perception about the laundry detergent brand that help to develop marketing programs for OMO to achieve the ideal positioning which helps to create customer loyalty. The result of this study could be useful to give directions for future marketing programs in order to build a strong brand.  OMO is leading in Vietnam.

 It satisfies most of the quality requirements of customers. Prices varied in accordance with many classes. In addition it also has activities for the community. OMO gain high market share in the detergent market in Vietnam....
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