Oliver Twist

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MaKayla Walker
History Extra Credit

Oliver Twist

The dark, sentimental story of Oliver Twist is written by Charles Dickens. He writes about a young boy named Oliver Twist who's mother died and is left alone defenseless. He has to face the world on his own parentless. Oliver has many obstacles he has to go through to survive. In the streets he meets a young boy who is part of the Fagin gang and teaches Oliver how to steal but Oliver runs away from the gang. He is taken into families who treat Oliver well but he is ripped away from them from the Fagin gang who steals Oliver and takes him back to the gang. In the end, the head gang member is hung and Oliver is adopted by a family and he lives a happy life on the countryside. In the story Oliver Twist, Charles Dickens creates many themes such as poverty, criminality and finding a identity.

Throughout the story Oliver has to face poverty. Charles Dickens shows his concern for the lower class in Oliver Twist by expressing how the uncaring upper class felt about the lower class. The upper class were too self centered to care about the lower class which lead to Oliver living on the streets. Although every once in awhile Oliver had some luck in finding some upper class people with some heart and invited Oliver into their...
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