Old Man

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1. Choose the correct tense and voice.
On November 22,1963 the President of US of America John F.Kennedy 1)to arrive in Dallas in a beautiful sunny day.They2)to leave the airport at 11.50 a.m..At12.30 the car 3)to turn from Houston street to elm street.The car 4)to move very slowly.Mr. Kenedy and his wife 5)wave at the crowds when there 6)to be the sound of a gun.The Presidents hand 7)to stop moving.There 8) to be a third shoot and his head 9)to cover with blood.John Kennedy 10)to assassinate. * 1)arrived

* 2) left
* 3) turned
* 4) was moving
* 5) were waving
* 6) was
* 7) stopped
* 8) was
* 9) was covered
* 10) was assassinated

2. Inset the appropriate article.
Azerbaijan is located on (1….) western shore of (2….) Caspian Sea at (3…) southeast extremity of (4…) Caucasus. (5….) region is (6 …) mountainous country.(7….) Kura River Valley is (8….) major agricultural zone. Azerbaijan has (9….) ancient and historic culture.Azerbaijan is (10….) unitary constitutional republic. * 1-The,2-the,3-the,4-the5-the,6-a,7-the,8-the,9-an,10-a.

3. Point out the Verbals or predicate constructions stating their function. The Magic Cloth
Many years ago there lived an Emperor who liked new clothes so much that he got used to spending all his money on them.He didnt care about his soldiers,about going to the theatre,or about driving in the park or about smoking..All he really cared about was showing off his new clothes.He got accustomed to having a coat for every hour of the day. The great city where he lived was a very unplesant place.Many strangers visited it every day.One day two dishonest men arrived.They had heard about the Emperors love for new clothes.They said that they were weavers and pretended that they were capable of weaving the most beautiful cloth.Not only were the coloursand patterns unusually fine ,they said,but the cloth was so delicate that nobody who was either unfit for his office or stupid could see...
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