Oh, East is East

Topics: Sociology, Thought, Family Pages: 2 (492 words) Published: December 3, 2013
Oh, East is East, and West is West, and never the twain shall meet. This is a part of Raudyard Kippling’s poem The Ballad of East and West. This poem is perfect to use as an explanation to why Brick Lane is so different. Brick Lane is dominated by people from the east, especially Hindis and Bangladeshis. The cultural differences between the East and West are major. They have different religion, food, language and even clothes. The West has more of a modern way of thinking while the East base their thoughts on religion. And it is not your parents who influence your cultural or political view, but the people around you in the country you live in. Because in the movie we see that the parents and the oldest daughter are completely different. Her mother tries to teach her the norms that she grew up with. For instance her mother tells her to keep her skirt down and not to wear jeans as that was unusual in the place the mother was born. However, her daughter doesn’t seem to understand or agree with her thoughts, simply because her everyday life in the British society has had an impact on her. The British society has different norms than the Bangladeshi and therefor her mother and she do not come to an agreement on things like clothes. Now that you know the difference between the mother and the daughter, lets explain why. It seems like even though she has been raised in a family with eastern culture, she still acts as if she is British. Mostly because the small network of families and friends with eastern culture cannot go against the mainstream culture that most people live after. The mainstream will eventually have an impact on a person as he/she grows up and lure him/her into their lifestyle and culture. Even the mother seems to change a little at the end of the movie which shows us the “power” of the affection in everything around you. The youngest sister is still young and has not been affected as much as her older sister, but she...
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