Where Am I Wearing

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Where Am I Wearing a New World
Kelsey Timmerman, from rural Ohio, is the author of the book Where Am I Wearing. The spark that influenced his interest in traveling to other countries was because of the pile of clothes on his floor. After Timmerman saw this, he looked at the tags on his clothes. He then wondered exactly where did his clothes come from. The group of people that this book surrounds are American Consumers. Timmerman wanted them to lose their consumer innocence. He wanted them to change their buying habits because the clothes equal the people. Kelsey Timmerman wrote this book because he wanted the American Consumers to see exactly where their clothes are from. He wanted them to understand what the lives of the people in Bangladesh, Cambodia, and China are like. Kelsey Timmerman wanted the American Consumers to feel sympathy for the sweatshop workers, and every one else there for that matter. Kelsey Timmerman wrote the book Where Am I Wearing to change peoples buying habits by telling his stories of what he saw in Bangladesh, Cambodia, and China.

Kelsey Timmerman describes his experiences with the harsh working conditions in Bangladesh. “ If you look closely, you can still read the faded tag. It reads, Made in Bangladesh. And though a country whose population is 83 percent Muslim couldn’t give a hoot about Christmas, I’m about to learn they get pretty excited about my underwear.” Page 24. He talks about how even though most of Bangladesh is Muslim they still make Christmas items. No one really knows who is making their clothes. Timmerman says how, in Bangladesh, they still make our clothes even if it’s not in their culture. “ The floor of Dalton’s childhood home is dirt, but it is the cleanest dirt floor one could possibly imagine. Dalton’s aunt swept the dirt floor with a broom while we sat and talked about his growing up in Ludhua and his adult life in Dhaka.” Page 29. Kelsey Timmerman is explaining what a decent life in Bangladesh is like.

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