Office Administration

Topics: Marketing, Marketing plan, Marketing strategy Pages: 7 (1290 words) Published: January 19, 2013
Functions of the relevant department

1. Liaising with advertising entities internal and external to the office.

2. Advertising and publishing.

Aims of the project

* The Aim of the project is to analyse the importance of the marketing department within the organization.

* To find out the function and the role of the marketing department within the organization.

Question of the marketing Department

* What is the importance of the marketing department?

* What is the main role and function of a marketing department?

* What kinds of benefits are provided by your organization for employees?

* What are types of equipment used in the marketing department?

* Are all employees eligible for these benefits?

My Accomplishment

Without a good marketing strategy the product or services would not be known the marketing department would be required to achieve the goals and the company needs a talented marketing department. Besides hiring the right people to manage and perform specific jobs, the marketing departments have to build up commitment and loyalty among the workforce by keeping them up to date about company plans and laying out the marketing department which is responsible for hiring the people with the knowledge to bring new technology into a company. The researcher successfully accomplished getting information on the two main aims of the project, the function of the marketing department in the organization and the importance of the marketing department. The functions of the marketing department are as follows: liaising with advertising entities internal and external to the office, designing marketing strategies. The marketing departments keep employees informed in preparing advertising material, assisting within promotional activities, preparing press releases throughout the company. Marketing would require a lot of creative thinking and successful ideas to be able to launch or re-launch any goods and service. There will always be similar products or services around; therefore it is important that the company can stay competitive within the market. Even when a product or service has been around in the market for many years, it would still need to have some sort of advertising and marketing plan in order for the company to continue being recognized. Therefore it is important that the marketing department is able to come up with new ideas to prevent the company from being left behind within the market. Overall, the marketing department plays on important role within any business type and without them; the company may not be as successful.

This School Based Assignment is complied of various marketing techniques, principle and styles. These transactions are based on Caribbean Cream and Nestle. This SBA shows all the necessary business transactions for this company and explains all the necessary information. All transactions have been completed and prepared for the year ending September 2012.


Instruction: answer all the question
1. What gender are you
* Male
* Female
2. What age group are you from
* 19-20
* 22-27
* 28-30
* None of the above
3. How many person are required to work in the marketing department * 5
* 6
* 7
* None of the above
4. What are the equipment used in the marketing department * Calculator
* Spirit duplicator
* Fax machine
* All of the above

5. What are the duties of the marketing clerk………………………………………………

6. Why is the marketing department important to the business organization.........................?

7. Why is there a marketing department within an organization……………………………

8. In what ways would the marketing department be involved in publishing ……………..

9. What is the main function of the marketing...

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