Office Administration

Topics: Advertising, Research, Jamaica Pages: 18 (3188 words) Published: January 9, 2011
Advertising in a Company
A School – Based Assessment Project
(General Proficiency)

Presented to:
Kingston College
Business Department

December 8, 2006
In Partial Fulfillment for Certification in Office Administration by CXC

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Table of Content

← Abstract i ← Acknowledgement ii ← Introduction iii

← Chapter 1 --------------------------------------1 – 6 ← Problem Identification
← Problem Definition
← Researcher Definition
← Limitation of Study
← Definition of Terms
← Summary

← Chapter 2 – Literature Review-------------------7 – 11 ← Introduction
← The Impact
← The Development Process
← Compare and contrast
← Summary

← Chapter 3 – Data Collection Procedures-------12 – 15 ← Description of sample
← Selection of sample
← Method of collecting sample
← Summary

← Chapter 4---------------------------------------------16 - 30 ← Presentation and Analysis of Data
← Summary

← Chapter 5---------------------------------------------31 – 35 ← Findings
← Conclusions
← Recommendations
← Summary

← Bibliography-----------------------------------------36

← Appendix---------------------------------------------37 – 38 ← Letter to Company
← Questionnaire

This Office Administration School – Based Assessment is based on the introduction usage and importance of advertisement used by Courts Jamaica Ltd. in Portmore to promote sales and how it affects the organization either positive or negative.


This Research is dedicated to all the people who helped the Researcher with the collection of information and the usage of copyright material also the institute of Greater Portmore Branch Library for the use of computers. The Researcher would like to give thanks to Miss P. Francis who helped the Researcher in the fulfillment of this Research and also for waiting so patiently on this School – Based Assessment Project.


This Office Administration School – Based Assessment Project is about advertisements used in Courts Jamaica Ltd. to promote sales. Also it is about the type of methods used by the Researcher to gather the necessary information needed for the fulfillment of this research. This project further contains the difficulties the Researcher encountered while carrying out this research and also he effectiveness of review of literature on now-a-days grade 11 students, which is finding it difficult to achieve.

Chapter 1

Problem Identification

The Researcher is aware of the importance of advertising to all organization. The Researcher has keen interest in the types of advertising used by Courts Jamaica Ltd. to promote sales. The Researcher will also investigate the types of advertisement that is mostly and effectively used by Courts Jamaica Ltd in Portmore that promotes sales the quickest and hence profitability. The Researcher also investigates on the types of advertisement that least promotes sales and that may to lead to financial loss. The Researcher therefore, in adheres to CXC requirement looks forward to investigate this dynamic topic.

Problem Definition

The reason for choosing this topic is because the Researcher has in depth interest in finding out the advertising used at Courts Jamaica Ltd. to promote sales and profitability and also at areas of advertising that need certain adjustments to make that specific advertisement more efficient and effective. Also the Researcher was prompt to do this investigation as a request from CXC.

Researcher Definition

The Researcher will use the...
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