Of mice and men

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Lennie – is a likeable, even lovable character, maybe because he is so keen to show affection himself. But he is not harmless. He is both a villain and victim, caring and destructive. “He’s a powerful man with huge hands...”. This quote shows that he is perfect for labour work. Lennie is described by George that “he’s jes’ like a kid”, so he is physically very strong and stable, but mentally he is just like a little child. He likes to stroke and “pet” soft things like mice and Curley’s wife’s hair; just like a little child with his favourite blanket or stuffed toy. Lennie is frequently described by the author using animal imagery. He looks like a bear, walks like one-he drags his feet “the way a bear drags it’s paws”. Lennie is like George’s pet, he follows him around and relies on him for food. He also obeys George- at the pool he brings George the mouse “like a terrier who doesn’t want to bring a ball to its master”. George treats him like a pet as well; ordering him about etc. In the end he treats Lennie, just like how Candy treated his dog-he shoots him in the head for his own good. Lennie is one of the most gentle and innocent characters in the book but he hurt Curley and killed Curley’s wife. The reader feels sorry for Lennie, because he isn’t malicious and doesn’t want to cause pain. The reader can’t help feeling that it’s not Lennie’s fault for hurting animals and Curley and Curley’s wife, he hurt Curley because George told him to,and he killed animals and Curley’s wife because he couldn’t control his own strenghth

Slim – Slim is the most respected man on the ranch. All the other characters listen to him and follow his judgement. Slim is a “jerkline skinner”(he commands a team of mules) which is a very hard and skilful job. He is easy going. “Slim’s words are law” this shows how respected and admired he is. He is the only one who comments on Curley’s wife’s beauty; “Good-lookin” this quote shows that Slim isn’t afraid of Curley. He supports...
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