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By Demiri1 Apr 23, 2013 417 Words
An old Latin proverb stated, " Fortune favors the bold," meaning luck favors the brave. Has odysseus ensured his survival, ors he flawed and lucky. The Odyssey is about a man, Odysseus, who must overcome obstacles to arrive to his home, Ithaca, From Troy. Odysseus is flawed and lucky man, as evidenced by his encounters with Polyphemus, the cyclops, the sirens and their temptations, and fear of when he visits the Underworld.

Odysseus shows that he is a flawed and lucky man when he encounters Polyphemus, the cyclops. Odysseus shows he is flawed and lucky because when he got away from Polyphemus, he gets carried away with pride. For example, when Odysseus says, "Cyclops, if ever a mortal man inquire how you were put to shame and blinded, tell him Odysseus, raider of cities, took your eye: Laertes' son, whose home's on Ithaca!" [456-460] Odysseus gets carried away with pride, therefore giving away his identity. Polyphemus, afterwards, puts a curse upon Odysseus an his men. Polyphemus shows Odysseus' mortal qualities.

Not only does Odysseus show he is flawed and lucky during his encounter with Polyphemus, but also when he listens to the song of the sirens. He showed he is flawed when he is tempted to swim to the sirens and had to be tied to the mast. For example, "…I tried to say 'Untie Me!' to the crew, jerking my brows; but they bent steady to the oars." [747-748] This showed that he was tempted and wanted to be untied by his crew so he can swim to the sirens and listen to their beautiful song. The Sirens also help show Odysseus' mortal qualities.

Lastly, Odysseus shows he is flawed and lucky, once again, when he visits to the Underworld. When all the souls of the dead start to come to Odysseus, he becomes afraid . For example, "From every side they came and sought the pit with rustling cries; and I grew sick with fear." When all the souls start to come to him, he shows his mortal qualities, he shows he is afraid. When Odysseus visits the Underworld he shows his mortal qualities.

Odysseus shows his mortal qualities when he faces Polyphemus, the cyclops, the sirens and their song, and when he visits the underworld. Odysseus proves to be a flawed and lucky man. Some people may think that he is a hero who has ensured his own survival, but after all his actions, he is more of a flawed and lucky man.

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