The Demonstration Of Wit In Homer's Odyssey

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The Demonstration of Wit in The Odyssey In Greek literature, many writers include an epic hero, with many heroic qualities. In the epic poem, The Odyssey by Homer, Homer portrays a captain named Odysseus, who needs to use his wit to get himself and his men home to Ithaca by ship. Odysseus and his men face different obstacles that require Odysseus’s great strength in mind, so that they may pass through safely. Although Odysseus faces several hardships, it is Odysseus’s wit and aptitude, not his physical strength, which is instrumental in his eventual success. Because of this Wit Odysseus will live on long after death and the cleverness with which Odysseus deals with the Cyclops helps Odysseus survive so he can eventually return to his homeland....

When Odysseus and his men venture into the cave of the Cyclops Polyphemus, they become trapped when Polyphemus comes back and finds them hiding in the shadows. Odysseus is then asked what his name is. Odysseus then replies by saying, “My name is Nobody. That is what I am called by my mother and father and by all my friends.”. pg 119. By saying this, Odysseus is protecting himself and his men from Polyphemus ever trying to seek help to smite Odysseus. After blinding the Cyclops with a sharpened tree trunk, Odysseus puts the next part of his escape plan into action. While Polyphemus is sleeping, Odysseus manages to tie he and his men underneath the sheep so when Polyphemus lets the sheep out the next morning to graze, Polyphemus wont be able to tell that the men are escaping. So when the Cyclops wakes up the next morning, Odysseus observes, “O my friends its Nobody’s treachery, not violence, that is doing me to death.” pg 120 .By using this technique, Odysseus almost completely led most of his men safely off the island.
Odysseus Survives the encounter with the mighty Cyclops using his wit, not his physical strength. In the Cyclops, Odysseus reveals his cleverness and cunningness by telling Polyphemus that his name is Nobody, this prevents the Cyclops from ever gaining aid when Odysseus blinds him....
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