Ode to Buffalo Chicken

Topics: Noun, Tongue, Taste Pages: 3 (433 words) Published: December 4, 2013

Ode to Buffalo Chicken
A succulent puddle of sauce,
Tangy to the tongue,
Yet, burning spice that runs down my throat.
With my weapons to fight the flames,
My fork and knife,
I slice through the juicy, tender
White meat,
Like an axe chopping through
An old oak tree.
To cool my mouth from the
I dunk my boneless, soft, orange meat
Into a pool of ranch,
Ranch, quenching my throat.
Balancing the sharp flavor with the
Refreshing dressing.
This is obviously a gift from the devil,
His one gift for all of us to enjoy.

Ode to Cinnamon Buns
The steaming, runny frosting
Covers the
Warm, chewy bun.
I bite into the
Soft, decadent pastry.
Cream permeating my taste buds,
Leaving behind
The delicious taste.
Using a butter knife,
I spread more white frosting
Drowning the brown bun.
My mouth dripping with temptation,
The ultimate treat.

EmigrateVerbMove out of a country or region to settle in another. ImmigrateVerbMove into a foreign country or region as a permanent resident. EminentAdjectiveStanding or jutting out; conspicuous; famous; distinguished; noteworthy ImminentAdjectiveHanging over one’s head; threatening; about to occur; impending EvokeVerbBring out; call forth; elicit; produce

InvokeVerbCall on for help or protection; appeal to for support. ExciseVerbCut out; remove by cutting out
Incise VerbCut into; carve; engrave
InhibitVerbHold in check; restrain; repress
ExpelVerbDrive out; force out; banish; compel to leave; eject ImpelVerbDrive on; force; Compel
ImplicateVerbShow to be a part of or connected with; involve; entangle ImpugnVerbCall in question; assail by words or arguments; attack as false; contradict InsurgentNounOne who rises in revolt against established authority; rebel; mutineer ExtraneousAdjectiveComing from or existing outside; foreign; not essential; not pertinent; irrelevant ExtravagantAdjective1.Outside or beyond the bounds or reason. 2....
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