Occupational health and safety

Topics: Occupational safety and health, Health care, Employment Pages: 29 (18939 words) Published: November 2, 2014
Exam April 22 25 - The exam will consist of 25 multiple choice questions in the same format as the in-class quizzes, and 11 short answer questions, each with a variety of subsections worth 1 to 5 marks. ADMS 3400 Occupational Health and Safety Section M - Tues April 22 7pm 180 ACW 109 Exam 25 After midterm material. Recordings, lectures, articles, green book Chapters 2, 3, 4 (pages 81 90, 95 97, and 100 to the end of the chapter), 8, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 Midterm 60(20), assignments 82(20), quizzes 75(20), participation (15), final (25) Video will help assignment Make sure workstation is at appropriate height If too high Keep knees to level of hips Place items in comfortable items too avoid soreness Use headset to prevent head and neck strains Ergonomically correct position of chair ideal Factors to consider height so feet on floor, push hips back, if chair has adjustable If chair insufficient back wrist use a cushion (or rolled up towel) Avoid resting feet dangling, or sitting on legs decrease circulation Use foot rest Use arm wrist- shoulder should be relaxed Let arms rest, raise elbows should be at that height Avoid problems proper positioning of keyboard and mouse Key board tray control over keyboard, height and tilt allows more workspace Should be directly in front of workstation Wrist should be straight Can use a palm rest to help wrists Mouse in close reach, should and arm should be relaxed If feel strain use key board tray, bring mouse closer to you, place a mouse bridge, hold mouse in relaxed grip, move mouse using hand and forearm Monitor Should sit directly in front of body in line with keyboard Position it at arms length away Glare can cause headaches use window tints Use glare guard, adjust it, Breaks Can reduce strains 20 second break every 20 minutes, focus on something 20 feet away Workstation correct height, chair adjustable, sit with good posture with feet on flat on floor, hand in loose grip, monitor so neck is relaxed, and stretch Lectures Assignment due next class after reading week Bring green book next class session 7 Session 8 on legislation Model work, family, self Feb 10 - Class 6 Variety of behavioral action in work Physical violence Verbal and psychological violence Violence by proxy human initiated attacks by animals, sabotage of machinery Toronto star news article Workplace bulling psychological aggression, personal harassment Mississauga reputation got thrown under bus article 2010 Employee hazing initiation employees- pushing, punching, kicking employees Lori DuPont 37 worked in operating room, killed by ex boyfriend at hospital who was a doctor Her story resulted in bill 168 Risk of workplace Mobile workplaces, working with clients Impact of workplace violence Harm to victim physical and emotional trauma Harm to organizations culture difficult in training, Harm to bottom line absenteeism, workplace accidents, stress related law suits 2 tool available on internet developing workplace violence and management policies what employees need to know and a tool box Feb 24 Final similar to midterm Will be on accident Can do something on moodle and get feedback Do third assignment Assignment 3 is a case Video 3 rights right to know right to participate, right to refuse Responsibilities dont do anything reckless on job, wear protective equipment on job Employer has duties provide equipment, work safely, job hazards, safe work, accurate records, protect workers Every workplace with 5 20 workers must have work safety procedure 20 and over workers must have a workplace committee 3 key stakeholders in a company Employees, employers, supervisors Definitions Act a law regarding issues can be revised. Goes through 3 different readings, then receive royal ascent. provide framework Regulation more specific can be revised. Written in consultation with stakeholders, Guidelines and policies rules a company follows, usually...
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