Observation Report

Topics: Library, Librarian, Public library Pages: 2 (749 words) Published: December 11, 2006
School Library
I am sitting at the back corner of the library, looking out the window. The trees outside are brown. Most of the leaves have already fallen. Birds on the branches are easy to observe. Some of them are flying in ranks in the sky. Sunshine passes through the glass and warms my face. The sunshine is soft and it makes me feel warm all over. When I am concentrating on the view outside, a short white boy in oversized red shirt and black cap hums as he paces towards me. He sits next to me, opens his book and reads out the words. I decide to leave that sunny corner and walk towards the study desks. The odor of chocolate fills the air. I follow the odor and I can see a cup of chocolate drink beside a Japanese girl. She is in blue jeans and tight white shirt and is sitting in front of her laptop. She is wearing a headset and seems to be listening to the Japanese songs she is humming. Next to her is a black girl. There are a pile of book and notes beside her. She turns open each book and scans over it. She mumbles to herself, I hear her say, ¡§Where is it?¡¨ She seems to be finding some important information she has missed. The sound of turning open the books is loud and it catches many people¡¦s eyes. She doesn¡¦t care even if the book is nearly torn. She looks tense at her work. However, she can still notice that she catches many people¡¦s attention and she starts to slow down her speed. I move on to other sights. I walk towards the computers, passing by the bookshelves. I see a tall black boy and his face is tense with anxiety. When I step forward, I can see more people who are anxious too. They seem to be waiting for something. I cannot see what happens, as the bookshelves block my sight. I try to step forward again and see what happens. There are some problems with the printer and everyone is standing beside it and waiting for their printout. Some of them are staring at their watches, as they are getting late for their classes. Some of them are...
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