Observation of Market Shares

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HOSPITALITY MARKETERS INTERNATIONAL, INC. Sample Market Study Report Outline This outline will highlight the key areas researched in our typical Market Studies and can be used as an outline for the information to be presented in our reports. At times, our reports may deviate from this outline and will be customized to include more topic areas or eliminate some, depending upon their relevance to the report. In a Phase l Community Overview Market Study Report, these areas are thoroughly researched. However, the presentation of information is in an abbreviated format. Highlights and general overviews of this information are presented. Conclusions are presented as preliminary recommendations. Projected performance is often presented based upon current levels of operation in the market. Preliminary demand and supply growth is considered where appropriate. This style of market study report is intended for internal investing and development purposes. The intent of this style of report is to determine whether the market shows initial signs of being conducive to hotel development or operation. In a Phase ll Comprehensive Market Study, the following areas are presented with detailed supportive research data. The conclusions are more specific. Also, the projected performance is developed in a multi-year format. More specific analysis of demand and supply growth is factored into the performance projections. This report should be acceptable for both internal and external investing and financing purposes.


This section will detail the specific details of the project to be addressed by this market study. Also, the anticipated components of the conclusions and recommendations presented in this report will be described.

General Market Description
The market will be described in an overview format. This will set the stage for more in-depth analysis of the market. Descriptions of the market will include residential, industrial, commercial, office, corporate, government, military, retail, recreation, entertainment, and traffic pattern components that will potentially affect the hotel. Observation of the growth of the market and the future of the market will be briefly addressed.

Site Analysis
This section focuses directly on the location of the planned hotel operation. Key components that will affect the operation of the hotel at this location will be addressed. At times, multiple sites can be compared in this section, and recommendations as to the preferred site location can be provided. Key areas addressed in this section are as follows: • Subject Site Description Where is the site? What is the development condition and development potential of the site? This can include topography, environmental, zoning and architectural factors related to the site. Visibility Is the site visible to travelers or how do travelers find the site? Is visibility an advantage or disadvantage? Accessibility Similar to visibility, how accessible is the site? Is there traffic congestion?


Support Services Restaurants, retail, entertainment, and recreational components are important to travelers. These include necessary items travelers look for which contributed to the destination uniqueness of the site. Competitive Position Is this a competitive site in the market? Compared to other hotels in the market, how does this site compare to serving the demand markets?

Economic Overview
This section defines the market in a macro-economic overview of key components. The attempt here is to define the market as a growing market, stable market, or declining market. Where possible, microeconomic factors will be factored into this analysis. The following sections will be addressed as to their past growth patterns and relations to other geographic areas. If possible, future projections will be reviewed. • • • • • Population Effective Buying Income Retail Sales Eating and Drinking Place Sales Workforce...
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