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Topics: Observation, Hall Pages: 3 (547 words) Published: January 22, 2013
Angela Roscoe
ENG 105
January 20, 2013
Liza Kiesell

The Observation of the Salvation Army

When observing this big beautiful building, that is called the Salvation Army, that was placed in this community, I observed this building being more than just a community center, but an holistic approach to bring the community together and have observed them changed people’s lives. I have observed the different programs that they have for all ages and interests. I have observed their child care program, their assistance with helping their families in need and the Sunday Worship.

1-7-13 at 9:00 am

While walking through the halls of this big beautiful building called the Salvation

Army, there where people sitting around in chairs holding numbers, walking through the

Hallways, people cleaning up, people standing around talking, people coming in and out the

Building, some leaving with bags of food and some don’t. Older people sitting in the church

Singing, some up stairs working out, and some were sitting work at their desks.

Walking further down the hallway, observing the child care program there three

Different classrooms. One as the infant room, the second one was the head start room, the

Second as the toddler room and the third one was the head start room. Observing the

Hours that they are in operation were 7:00 till 5:30. Observing the flyer on the door, it

Talked about the ages which the children can attend, the different meals they receive

Throughout the day, and the different programs that they have to help the families, their staff and many other things.

1-8-13 12:00 pm

Walking upstairs observing a families walking up to the Social worker, asking about

Help with the paying their rent and for bedding. Observing the Social work giving the lady

That a check for her rent will be mailed to her in about seven to ten days.

I also observed the social worker, telling the lady that on that day...
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